Man makes vulgar joke during date. Her reaction makes it very GNANT for him! (video)

Door Redactie Online

In the reality show ‘Long Live Love’, people get to know each other by spending 24 hours together. Mariska was paired with Kadir, who clearly loves humor. At some point, they make a shopping list for breakfast the next day. “They say love goes through the stomach. Top. I’ll fill you up with sausage”, Kadir winks. The 36-year-old woman then stares ahead with a questionable face for seconds, but Kadir immediately apologizes. “Oh sorry. That came out wrong,” it sounds.

(No) sparks and fire

That was not the only joke that failed to reach Mariska. When they sit in front of the stove, Kadir jokes that “at least the spark is there”. Mariska can’t laugh about that either. And when Mariska wants to put a log on the fire, Kadir warns her to «watch out for her hair». Funny, because Mariska has a very short haircut, but again she doesn’t give a kick.

Mixed reactions

The reactions to the video are very divided. Some find his humor bland, others believe that he brings life to the brewery. “Bad joke? Sure, not too good. But she also seems like an ice rabbit to me», «I would have broken down completely, hahaha. He got a nice return from me», and «This is going to be nothing. She is way too serious and he tries to break the ice with dry humor. He feels too uncomfortable with her, which I would too if someone just keeps looking at me closely,” we read on social media, among other things.

Exploring boundaries

Kadir explains in the Dutch newspaper Tubantia that if he is really in love, he sometimes goes a bit too far with his humor. “Then I can start making really bad jokes. Then I’ll push the boundaries,” he says.

It is not yet known whether the two eventually became a couple after their 24-hour chat. Although we dare to suspect not…