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A couple of grandparents took to social media when an 87-year-old man got married; however, what caught the attention was that the protagonist of the video married the best friend of his ex-wife, who has since passed away.

Sophia Angelatakis, registered as @angeleatingtakis on TikTok, shared the video with cricket music playing in the background and added the following message in the caption: “Third time is a sweetie I guess.”

The footage, which was posted on the Chinese platform, has received thousands of comments and millions of views.

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The girl code and an awkward wedding

As can be seen in the footage, the bride wore a long white dress. The groom, for her part, was in a black suit. The bridesmaids are dressed in brown dresses.

The tiktoker showed only some parts of the ceremony and closed the recording with her facewhich showed a total disagreement, since the woman at the altar was the friend and confidant of his grandmother.

Despite the indisposition of the family, the 87-year-old man decided to enjoy his party to the fullest. In fact, she was seen eating cake, taking pictures and throwing the garter of who is now his spouse.

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I wish I could whiten my eyeballs after I took the garter off

After how controversial and viral the footage became, The young woman published another video in which the groom threw the famous bride’s garter.

However, in the same video, a man approaches and says: “if the league had approached me, I would have moved away”, to which she adds: “that is disgusting, brother”.

Tiktoker herself even accompanied the images with the following description: “I wish I could whiten my eyeballs after I took off the garter.”

According to the comments, it seems that it is not such a strange situation, since several Internet users declared experiencing a similar event.

“My grandmother married her late husband’s brother”, “my grandfather married my grandmother’s sister after her death”, “my grandfather started dating his ex-wife’s sister”, were several of the comments .

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