Man paid for help to stab his dad to death

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Man paid $ 250 to help him kill his dad with more than 100 stab wounds

In a heinous crime, considered one of the most brutal events to have occurred in Colombia, the authorities on Tuesday convicted a subject, who paid $ 1,000,000 pesos, the equivalent of $ 257 dollars to kill his father, a 50-year-old man .

The authorities assured that the victim’s son, identified as Wilson Javier Peña Camayo, 23, arrived at the home where his father was, and in the company of two minors they savagely riddled him, after giving him more than 100 stab wounds.

This was announced by the newspaper El Tiempo, where they assured that the victim was attacked with a knife and received mortal wounds in different parts of the body, all this, in a total state of defenselessness, while he slept.

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After committing the crime, the intellectual and material perpetrator, took his deceased father’s debit card to withdraw the $ 250 dollars from an ATM and give it as payment to the two accomplices who helped him commit the heinous crime.

The aforementioned media said that the murder took place on June 20, in the city of Neiva, in the south of the country, in a neighborhood known as Timanco.

Macabre! The story of the young man who murdered his father with 110 stab wounds in the rural area of ​​Neiva.Macabre! The story of the young man who murdered his father with 110 stab wounds in the rural area of ​​Neiva. He did everything to keep some business and money from his father. For more information: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Follow us on social networks Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

The judge assured that the victim’s son was “the determiner” and also “participant” in the violent crime of his father, who responded to the name of Salvador Peña
Peñá was a merchant from the HUila region, born in the city of Pitalito, where he was known.

After issuing its sentence, the First Criminal Circuit Court made a prompt decision, due to the collection of evidence and compelling evidence presented by the Prosecutor’s Office.

In the judicial proceeding, it was ensured that on the night of the murder, the victim’s son arrived at the property together with his underage accomplices and when they reached the place where he slept, they proceeded to attack him with stab wounds in the neck, face, abdomen, lower and upper extremities, mostly brutally.

The magistrate who took the case highlighted the cold blood of the murderers, who the day after having killed the merchant, took the body, wrapped it in sheets and took it away in a vehicle, in order to throw it in a nearby creek.

Neighbors of a wooded area in the vicinity of the El Limón farm, located in the village of El Caguán, in the city of Neiva, Colombia, detected the arrival of carrion birds, for which they reported to the authorities, who upon arriving at The area discovered the lifeless body of the victim, in a high state of decomposition.

An investigation was immediately initiated, which resulted in the capture of Wilson Peña Camayo, who was charged with aggravated homicide for the death of his father, as well as theft and use of minors to commit crimes.

The subject pleaded guilty and admitted his participation in the homicide, which the authorities assure was not only premeditated but full of cevicia, motivated by differences with his father.

“The condemned man had personal and financial problems with his father,” the Prosecutor’s Office said briefly.