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The Criminal Court of Mansura, in the Nile delta, Egypt, sentenced this Tuesday, June 28, to the death penalty the murderer of a young Egyptian student who was stabbed brutally in front of the gates of his university, for rejecting his partner’s marriage proposal.

According to the state news agency ‘Mena’, the court announced the decision and sent it to Egypt’s mufti, the country’s highest religious authority, that he must issue a non-binding opinion on the case before the court upholds the conviction.

Likewise, he pointed out that the court will announce the final ruling on July 6, although the sentence issued in the first instance can still be appealed by the convicted person, Mohamed Adel Mohamed Ismael, 21 years old.

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The brutal murder of Nayera Ashraf, 20, sparked a wave of condemnation and outrage in Egypt, a country in which hundreds of women die every year as a result of gender violence.

The young woman was murdered on Sunday, June 19, in front of the university of Mansura, in the Nile delta, after she was threatened with death by a colleague if she did not agree to marry him. Given her refusal, the man stabbed her three times, one of them in the neck.

Subsequently, the accused plunged the knife into his chest when he was cornered by the crowd of people who pounced on him. He ended up hospitalized and the first session of the trial, which raised much anticipation, took place just a few days later.

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At the time, the Prosecutor’s Office ordered the arrest of the accused for “premeditated murder”, after the young man admitted having committed the crime. The Public Ministry indicated that Nayera was a victim of “permanent harassment” by the man, that he insisted on marrying her despite the fact that he swore an oath before the family and the neighbors “not to attack her”.

In 2021, 813 cases of aggression were recorded, including 296 murders, data obtained from local media and statements from the Public Ministry due to the lack of statistics in the African country, according to the Observatory of Crimes of Violence against Women in Egypt.

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