De Gea is out of contract in the summer. Manchester United have a break.

De Gea they appreciate him.

However, according to the Daily MirrorDe Gea wants a huge rise on his £ 175,000 a week deal and is eyeing £ 300,000 a week.

And it's all because of the deal handed to Alexis Sanchez last January.

Sanchez penned a deal worth around £ 500,000 a week with add ons and is the highest paid player in English football.

And De Gea, along with Anthony Martial, wants to start a new venture at the club.

The United Stopper has been one of the side's best players this season despite the struggles.

Mourinho branded them awful after the 2-1 comeback win over Bournemouth.


Mourinho told BT Sport: "We were a very, very lucky team.

5-2, 6-2 easily, and in the second half until we scored I had the feeling we were a very unlucky team because we should score three, four, five goals.

"We were really poor, defensively awful." And I do not just look to my defenders, as a team did not start pressing up, the work we did during the week.

"People watching this game does not believe how hard we worked this week.

In the first half, Bournemouth were by far the best team and in the second half we were the best team by far.

"We have fantastic character and the heart that any result, the game is not over and we go until the end.

When we are in control we have no problems, but when the opponent is in control we do. "

And Mourinho, earlier last week, admitted he was not confident in De Gea signing a new deal.

De Gea and his people because of his happiness at the club.

"I'm not confident," he told Sky Sports. "I can not find the word in English, but let's see what happens.

It's just that, how important he is for Manchester United and, if the club wants to be better than it is and obviously worse would be very important to keep David. "


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