Pogba's future was uncertain this summer for links to Barcelona and proposals for a fallout with Jose Mourinho.

Paul Pogba has repeatedly refused to exclude a move and admitted that he does not know what the future holds.

He also said he would be punished if he revealed what he really thought of Mourinho.

And Neville got tired of the antics and analyzed the situation from three different angles, as an expert, a fan and an owner.

"Neville, the expert on Pogba, would say," He's a talented player, but I want to see more consistency and leadership, "he said The times,

"As a fan, frankly, it's part of me that nobody is bigger than the club and I'm not interested in people looking left and right.

"Well, Paul, if you want to play elsewhere, let's do that for you, because Manchester United are doing well, so do not worry about that.

"The owner in me would do what United is doing right now and say he is not for sale.

"They need to protect their assets, but privately they could make a deal because they want their £ 90 million back.

"If I was still in the locker room and giving personal advice, it would be" Paul, it's obvious you want to play somewhere else, but be professional. Do not be someone who is considered a mercenary or a mutineer. You do not have to do that.

"So there are four ways to look at it – expert, owner, fan, a personal word."

Pogba returned early after the World Cup to score on Matchday 1 against Leicester, but had problems in the three games as Manchester United lost two of its first four games.

And while he was in international service, he suggested he might move in the future when asked about connections to Barcelona.

He will be back in action against Watford on Saturday night, but it seems that patience with the fans is slowly ending.

Neville's assessment reflects the broader view of fans who are tired of talking all the time without committing themselves to the club.

"My future is currently in Manchester," said Pogba Sky in Germany last week with France.

"I still have a contract, I'm playing there, but who knows what will happen in the near future."

And when asked about his relationship with Mourinho, he said, "We have a pure coach-player relationship.

"One thing I can assure you: I will always give 100 percent, no matter which coach I always give everything for United – I can not say more."


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