Man who attacked Dave Chappelle during performance stays in jail longer NOW

The 23-year-old man who attacked Dave Chappelle on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles last week has not been released. Isaiah Lee had asked a judge to lower his $30,000 bail, but that request was denied on Tuesday.

Chappelle performed at the open-air theater on May 3 as part of the Netflix is ​​a Joke comedy series. During his set, Lee came on stage and tackled the comedian. Lee had a fake gun with a knife hidden in his pocket. Several security guards and colleague Jamie Foxx overpowered Lee, who broke his arm. Chappelle was not injured.

Lee has been charged with four counts: committing assault, possessing a weapon with intent to commit a crime, unauthorized access to a stage during a performance, and committing an act that delays the show and the performer interrupts during his act.

If Lee is convicted on all four counts, he could face a total of 18 months in prison, but US media suspects that he will be incarcerated for much shorter or even avoid a prison sentence. Chappelle said last weekend that he was disappointed that Lee was not charged with more serious crimes.

Lee, who has declared his innocence, will appear again on May 20.