Man who predicted the covid and the Russian invasion says that the Third World War has already begun

Athos Salomé is a native of the municipality of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and is considered by many to be the Nostradamus of the 21st Century, due to his accurate predictions.

Although some skeptics believe that this is coincidence, Salomé predicted, around 2012, that the world would suffer from a global epidemic that would change the way of life of the entire planet.

The modern Nostradamus, who is currently 36 years old, gave an interview to the Daily Stars and told a little more about how he manages to get his predictions right.

He said that from a very young age he felt different from the others and had a special sensitivity and could listen and talk about events over which he had no control.

He began to doubt himself and what he was experiencing because many of the things he said seemed to make no sense until, some time later, they happened exactly as he had thought.

“Science has begun to show that my abilities are real. A few months ago I did my prediction list and I went through a technical analysis and it didn’t check no trick”, he said in the interview.

Thus, the young man managed to predict the covid-19 pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the death of Queen Elizabeth II, among other events.

Now the young man made a terrible prediction; he assured that the third world war has already begun.

“In my list I also said that the queen elizabeth ii would die and that in 2022 the third World war. World War III began when the covid became a pandemic in the world. It was confirmed after Russian invasion of Ukraine and it came true after overdevelopment of technology”, he predicted.

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“I believe that I was chosen to help people of this world, I think I only have sensitivity and a prophetic giftI know how to understand people and what they are looking for”, he concluded.

‘Time Traveler’ Claims a Global ‘Purge’ Will Occur in 2023

An alleged ‘time traveler’ has become a trend in recent hours after saying that next year there would be a “world purge”, like the story of the movie saga ‘The Purge’.

The “time traveler” who uploaded his video to the TikTok social network gives five predictions that would occur ending the year 2022 and beginning 2023.

As stated, On October 3, a group of five teenagers will discover a tyrannosaurus rex egg and a device to travel to other universes.

For its part, on October 30, an alleged UFO would land near the famous Area 51 bringing an alien species.

The third prophecy of the time traveler maintains that on November 20 a species of dragons will be discovered in the high mountains of Mexico and by December 10 he affirms that the president of the United States, Joe Biden, will be impeached due to health problems and will be replaced by Kamala Harris.

Finally, it states that in the middle of the New Year, that is, on January 1, 2023, the state of Illinois will pass the first global purge law.

Although the majority of social network users do not believe in anything that this user says and many think that it is nonsense in order to gain followers, others assure that The Biden thing and the purge thing could be a reality.

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In fact, some claim that the state of Illinois itself has already approved the purge, which is not true. What was actually passed is called the “SAFE-T Act” which eliminates the cash bail system for 12 crimes, which means that people accused of them should not go to prison unless proven otherwise.

Faced with the prophecies of the supposed traveler, there are believers and skeptics, although the laws that protect life will probably not allow a purge to take place in the world.