A man who posed online as a woman to seduce applicants into blindfolded sexual encounters in his home was jailed.

Duarte Xavier lured four men to his home in Wandsworth, southwest London, by adopting the compelling personality of a young woman named "Ana" in dating apps like Tinder.

After they arrived at the apartment, the 33-year-old apologized that his victims could not see the woman they wanted to meet by forcing them to wear blindfolds or cover their faces.

He would then sexually assault the men, one of whom was so scarred that he got a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), heard the Crown Court of Kingston.

Deputy Attorney General Michael Hunter, who imposed a 15-year prison sentence on Friday, said to Xavier, "It has pleaded guilty to what can only be described as a deception campaign and gaining sex by pretending to be a woman ,

"By pretending to be an attractive and sexually adventurous young woman, you have led her to have sex with you.

"I have considered your intentional and cruel tactics, which you have used carefully to subject your victims to this activity.

"You have shown no remorse or understanding of the position of your victims."

The court had heard that Xavier was a "liar and a fantasyist" who, with his alter ego, sent provocative images and messages to his victims to encourage them to visit his home.

He perpetrated the four attacks between February 2016 and April this year. He was arrested twice, but was not charged by the police until a third complaint was filed.

Duarte Xavier lured men into his home pretending to be a woman in dating apps (Metropolitan Police)

Xavier had been discovered halfway through sexual encounters by two of his victims when they had taken off the blindfolds he had applied to them.

Both left his apartment immediately after realizing that they had been deceived, and the second victim reported the incident to the police in October 2017, whereupon Xavier was arrested.

A third victim, initially too embarrassed to report the incident, said he was instructed by "Ana" to meet at King George's Park in Wandsworth, where the couple had sex.

Only a few days later, when they met for the second time, did the victim see Xavier and find out who he was dealing with.

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After learning that he had been tricked, a fourth and last victim was so angry at the ordeal that he immediately called the police and waited outside the apartment for police officers to arrive and arrest Xavier.

In a testimony in court, a victim said he had been emotionally shaken by the encounter for life.

"He was so convincing. It should be a bit of honest fun between two adults, "he said. "I now have extreme stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

"I used to be a human being and loved meeting new people. Now I feel like I'm wearing a dark secret that will always be part of me. I hope one day I can learn to trust people again. "

Following the conviction, the Metropolitan Police appealed to anyone else who might have been a victim of Xavier.

"Xavier demonstrated extreme manipulation and cunning to satisfy his own sexual satisfaction, and presented bizarre conditions that the victims adopted to believe they were part of the experience," said DC Lucy Marsh of the southwestern commando unit of Scotland Yard.

"He is a sexual predator and I hope that the victims, all traumatized by their experiences, see the punishment today and feel that justice is happening.

"I thank them again for their courage, not only for telling us about their agony, but also for asking difficult and challenging questions throughout the trial."

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