“Manabalss.lv” collects signatures on granting Covid-19 certificate after detection of antibodies

The public initiative portal “Manabalss.lv” collects signatures on granting Covid-19 certification after asymptomatic and antibody detection.

Alīna Škutāne has been nominated as the initiator. The collection of signatures started two days ago, and so far more than 4,170 signatures have been collected.

The initiative calls for the certification of people who have had asymptomatic Covid-19 and who have antibodies or immunity to it. In the opinion of the initiators, this should be done taking into account that many people in Latvia have suffered from Covid-19 and even after 180 days their body has a stable level of antibodies. This means that they can not be re-infected with the disease, the idea put forward in the application.

The initiators of the initiative propose to take over the experience of Lithuania in this issue and also to issue a Covid-19 certificate in Latvia for 60 days, based on the presence of antibodies in the body.

Currently, you can receive a Covid-19 certificate in Latvia after completing a full course of vaccination, getting sick with Covid-19 (the certificate is granted for 180 days after a positive Covid-19 test) or performing a test. In Lithuania, on the other hand, according to the initiators, an “opportunity passport” is issued for 210 days after illness, and such a passport for 60 days can also be obtained by those whose blood has been found with antibodies. Residents perform the test themselves in accredited laboratories for a fee.

“This solution will not violate the rights of people who have had asymptomatic Covid-19 and who have antibodies or immunity to it,” said the initiators.

It has already been reported that on October 21, the Saeima rejected the amendments to the law pushed by the opposition deputies, which intended to grant the Covid-19 certificate also after the detection of antibodies.

Relevant amendments had been tabled by deputies, members of the Republika party, Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis, Evija Papule, Ēriks Pucens and Kaspars Ģirģens, and Ramona Petraviča, a member of the Party for a Human Latvia.

Politicians called for the current regulation to be extended to include Covid-19 certification not only for those who have been vaccinated against or contracted Covid-19 infection, but also for those who show antibodies to the disease.

Quantitative or semi-quantitative serological immunoassays for COVID-19 IgG antibodies should be performed to obtain Covid-19 certification in individuals who have developed asymptomatic Covid-19. Such persons would be issued with a certificate confirming the fact of illness, but such a certificate would not be valid for travel abroad, the deputies suggested.

It was reported that similar amendments to the law were also proposed by the deputies at the sitting of 16 September, but even then they were rejected. In September, Ilmārs Dūrītis (AP), Member of the Saeima and Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Health, pointed out that these amendments were premature. The politician stated that he agreed with the applicants that science-based decisions should be made, and drew attention to the fact that it was not possible to tell from the antibody scene when a person fell ill and what his protection against Covid-19 was.

The opposite situation is with vaccinated and ill people, when the time when vaccination and illness took place is known, the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out. The politician said there was a lack of scientific evidence that antibody information could be equated with vaccination or disease.