Management tools for Health


The potential of digitization in the health field is immense, as it opens the door to personalized and secure medicine, focused on the prevention and anticipation of diseases for a better quality of patient care. However, these advances require the realization of large-scale projects.

In this context, the “Health Innovation 2030” plan, worth 7.5 billion euros, was launched by the President of the French Republic. The main objective is to position France among the leading countries for innovation in the field of health in Europe.

To achieve this goal, several initiatives will be necessary. First of all, facilitating access to health data is essential. Then, it is essential to strengthen confidence in digital health and to make access to the market more transparent. Finally, it will be necessary to support the development of large-scale innovation in the health sector.

This transformation of our healthcare system is a complex challenge, but it is also a unique opportunity to move medicine towards a more personalized, safe and patient-centred service.

2023-05-31 20:14:33

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