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Manager receives a warning of 8 hours to dismiss all his staff, orders pizza and writes recommendations for everyone in its place

Some people say that only death and taxes in this world are certain, but for most of us ordinary mortals, finding a job to pay that expense is also an inescapable reality. And while the majority of us try to find stability in our profession, it is a known fact that stability for the government is not really a guaranteed prospect. With the closure of the federal government in the United States, everyone saw the gruesome side of working for the government and the uncertainty it brought to thousands of people.

But shutdowns are not the only risk in the life of a government employee, as with any other job, those positions are subject to layoffs. And that is exactly what a Reddit user called shortadamlewis should experience. They did not only lose their own job, they also had to let go of their entire staff. In contrast to many who would have been devastated in this situation, the manager took matters into his own hands and did best with the situation in which they were placed.

"Although this is close to the whole story, it is only a part of it, and I am not the real MVP here … that belongs to my old boss," ShortAdamLewis said. Bored Panda. He continued to describe his time in the Marine Corps and how he was forced to leave his uniform and a dream career in the industry when his wife became pregnant. Because he had a family to take care of, the man worked hard to prepare for a decent job as a citizen. After jumping from one contract to another, he ended up with the job that led to the story that took place 5 years ago.

One manager shared their best job stop & # 39; story online

"I had to fire my entire staff (and myself) with a notice period of eight hours.

I was contract project manager for a government project (office work). At our periodic review on Thursday, the government announced that they would not renew our contract and that our last day was Friday (the next day).

I brought everyone to the meeting room the next day, let everyone know that we were all unemployed and that today everyone was the last day. I had everyone send an e-mail to their cv & # 39; s and we went to see everyone on the projector in the conference room and updated them all day. Then I printed "reference" sheets for everyone and we wrote letters of recommendation for the rest of the day. I ordered everyone pizza and everyone bought a round at the bar next door. Most people had a job at the end of the next week. & # 39;

Image credits: OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

"I was appointed as the deputy project manager of a small company for a failing project and provided custom software for the government," the man recalled. "The Prime Minister who brought them in, had decades of experience in the business world and was very knowledgeable about how the project could actually be carried out from the point of view of experience, I had the knowledge and expertise of traditional education and the military," he said. from.

Although they worked well together, it took only one phone call from the government to drop everything. When the contract came to an end, the whole team had to be fired.

"I sat down with the Prime Minister and we discussed what we had to do, we were part of a small company with perhaps 40 employees in a few states, and we were the only employees for 100 miles, so there was no other job for us to fall back on, we called our corporate leadership and confirmed that there was no work for anyone and then called a meeting, "he explained.
They decided to call everyone in for a meeting and break the news. "I'm glad we told everyone as soon as we knew it, I seem to be the expert in the field of resumes and getting a job, so I told everyone to bring a copy of their CV and that we would view them in the meeting room ", the man continued.

He also revealed that while the bosses gave everyone terminal papers, he was pulled aside and taken over by the government offices as "[he was] highly usable on paper "." In the meantime, my PM boss took everyone out for a drink. He is the real MVP here, not me[.] Letting people go is never fun. If possible, it can never hurt to let someone succeed in the future, even if they can not be successful if you work with him. "He concluded.

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