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Manchester City: Did Pep Guardiola betray Ilkay Gündogans? – Soccer

This pizzazz raises questions!

ManCity coach Pep Guardiola (48) actually speaks at a press conference about Gundogan's national team-mate Leroy Sané (23). The comes with the English master only sporadically used, Guardiola must explain. To clarify that Sané's contract situation has no influence on whether the DFB star plays or not, Pep uses the Gündogan settlement.

Guardiola: "Ilkay Gündogan does not want to renew his contract. But he plays. When it comes to contracts, Gundogan would not play. "

By the way, does the Spanish coach reveal Gündogan's departure here?

One thing is certain: Gündogan has a contract with the Citizens until 2020. The club wants to extend necessarily with the ex-Dortmunder, at the moment, however, the negotiations are on hold.

Guardiola said last: "We want him to extend the contract immediately. Yesterday would have been better than today and today better than tomorrow. "

The midfielder does not seem to be in such a hurry. Gündogan in the beginning of February in the SPORT BILD: "It has now become the rule that there must be a decision for a player who has one more contract period: separation or extension. I'm a bit old-fashioned. It's also possible for me to go into the last year of the contract and then extend it. "

So everything is a style question? Or clever contract poker?

One thing is clear: If City still wants to collect a transfer fee, they must sell Gündogan (€ 40 million market value) in the summer. Otherwise, the midfielder 2020 is to have free transfer.

According to BILD information, but everything points to a contract extension. Gündogan feels very comfortable in Manchester and wants to stay. The signs are therefore not faring on, but on contract renewal – just not at the present time.

Sporty are the "Skyblues" in the season final spurt well under pressure. With coach Liverpool from coach Jürgen Klopp (51), they deliver week after week the long distance duel for the championship. This is the duty on Sunday at Crystal Palace – with Gündogan in the starting eleven. In the Champions League you have to turn a 0-1 defeat from the fourth final first leg against Tottenham.

Pep contradicts Gündogan

The opinions on the defeat in the premier class go to the coach and his protégé apart. After the game Gündogan had complained that the team was not yet a "big team" and spoke of nerve flutter "in important games".

His coach publicly contradicts him later. Guardiola: "I can not agree with him-absolutely not." And again: "Especially in the second half, we had the game under control."

Should it not work this season with the Champions League title, Guardiola may put in a new attempt next year on Gündogan – even if the signature under a new contract is still missing.



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