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Double scorer against Brighton (3-0) on Tuesday in the Premier League, Bruno Fernandes confirmed his excellent start to the adventure with Manchester United. The Portuguese attacking midfielder, who quickly established himself as a taulier with the Red Devils, is one of the great architects of the revival of the English club.

Manchester United: Bruno Fernandes, it's evil!

Bruno Fernandes rgale Manchester United.

Often unhappy in the transfer market in recent years, Manchester United executives have had a hollow nose this winter. By spending 55 million euros, with possible bonuses that can climb up to 25 million euros, the English club found the rare pearl in the person of Bruno Fernandes (25 years old).

The man of renewal

The Portuguese attacking midfielder swims like a fish in the water with the Red Devils. No time for adaptation for him, the Lusitanian quickly integrated his new staff, within which he became a conductor. Dj excellent before the cut, taking the keys to the game of his team, the former Sporting player continued on his spear since the recovery, now well helped by the return of Paul Pogba, with whom he forms a duo of hell .

Just look at his statistics to realize it: 6 goals, including a double against Brighton (3-0), this Tuesday in the Premier League, and 4 assists, in just 13 games. Almost a decisive action at each meeting. Even better, Manchester United never lost when Fernandes were aligned by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 9 wins, against Chelsea (2-0) and Manchester City (2-0), in particular, and 4 draws, with 32 goals scored for 4 balances.

P. Evra – United should thank him

Chanon missing from the Norwegian coach, Fernandes made everyone agree. Starting with Patrice Evra. Bruno? He wants the ball, he wants to play, that’s what I like about him. He is not scared. He wants to create opportunities, to score goals. He’s such a positive player. For me, it makes the difference. United should thank him , supported the former French international for Sky Sports. To play United you need to have talent, but character and personality are really important. What he did after three months … What a player! When you watch a United game, you feel that Fernandes is everywhere. And this is just the beginning!

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