Manchester United: Two Red Devils players fought in training

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Two Manchester United Red Devils players came to blows during a training session, revealed the English media The Sun without revealing the identity of the concerned.

Nothing is visibly wrong at Manchester United. Authors of a mediocre season and already condemned not to play the Champions League next season, the Red Devils could also see the ticket for the Europa League escape them as the Mancunians chain poor performances with each outing.

And as if not to fix their already very delicate situation, the residents of the Manchester club have decided to put on a show. In any case, this is the reading that is made of this revelation from the English newspaper The Sun. According to the British tabloid, two Red Devils players fought during a training session.

The media specifies that the two players clashed violently before being separated by their teammates. This incident, which ended the Red Devils training session, would have surprised everyone in the Mancunian workforce, which is experiencing a very complicated end to the season.

Sixth in the Premier League, Manchester United play their last match of the season against Crystal Palace next Sunday. A last gathering of the Mancunian troop before the major cleaning announced under coach Erik ten Hag who will take the reins of the English team from next season.