Manchester United vows to sign Frankie Zhuang “Tank” hot recruit

Tan Hag

The “Red Devils” Manchester United, led by Tan Hag in the new season, officially started training at the Carnington Training Ground Center on Monday. Although no recruits have joined yet, many main players have attended the first training session; “Tank” Tan Hag The Red Devils’ reconstruction process has been carried out, not only for the grass length of the training ground, but also for a set of training methods and management regulations, which players are required to abide by.

The first lesson this summer started at 10 am. Tan Hag was picked up by the club driver as early as 8 am and arrived in Carnington to prepare. About 15 members of the first team participated in the first lesson, including those who were loaned out in the previous session. Midfielders Yundi Bick and Anthony Madil, No. 1 goalkeeper Di Chia, defender Lauki Sole, forwards Rashuford and Chatton Sinzu; and the rising star forward Canazu, who is about to celebrate his 18th birthday , He also returned to the team ahead of schedule after finishing the Kirin Cup at the beginning of the month for Argentina U20, leaving a good impression on the new coach. As for the main players, including Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo and Banu Fernandis, they were allowed to return to the team later after the previous international match.

Manchester UnitedManchester United

Manchester United

Manchester United Cloud DibickManchester United Cloud Dibick

Manchester United Cloud Dibick

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Manchester United Canazu

The length of the grass head is important

According to the British “Daily Mirror” report, “Tank” has already asked the training ground managers to trim the grass to a height of up to 15 mm, so as to provide the best conditions for the players to adapt to the new coach’s playing style as soon as possible; and use the first two days Training time After checking the physical fitness of the army, two training sessions a day will begin. According to the newspaper, “Tan Hag needs to train the players’ heads, so practice will focus on running and dribbling the ball.” In addition, the new coach is reported to be like the legendary Red Devils leader Sir Alex Ferguson. Strengthen team unity.

In addition, Manchester United’s No. 1 target this summer, Frankie Dizhuang, the new coach and former Ajax favorite, is one step closer to joining the Red Devils. According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Manchester United has raised the price to Barcelona to at least 65 million pounds, and strives for the 25-year-old Dutch international midfielder to vote. This is the price Barcelona offered to the other side. It is expected to be completed this week; and a number of players currently playing for Ajax, including striker Anthony Mafios, defender Licindo Martinis and Dalia Fego, are also getting involved with the Red Devils.

Manchester United’s first pre-season warm-up match will be played in Bangkok, Thailand on July 12 against Liverpool, the Premier League’s “double” cup champions last season. This is the “Red Devils”‘s first visit to Bangkok since 2013.

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