Manchette, Buchert, Baratte, Minier, Napoléon … the Libé Books selection

Five recommendations from the Books service and the favorites of booksellers on the Onlalu site to deconfinate.

Letters from bad weather, Correspondence 1977-1995, by Jean-Patrick Manchette. Preface by Richard Morgiève, La Table Ronde, 528 pp, 25 €. (To be released May 28).

An unpublished side of the work of Jean-Patrick Manchette (1942-1995) appears which brings together letters which he recopied and collected from 1977 to his death in 1995. The author of the Position of the gunner lying, His latest novel (1981), talks with his fellow writers (Pierre Siniac, Robin Cook, Paul Buck, Donald Westlake, Ross Thomas, Paco Ignacio Taibo II, Jean Echenoz, Philippe Labro), refuses the invitations, responds to his readers and reflects on capitalism. He appears refined, over-cultivated, distrustful, funny, warm, aggressive. “The idea of ​​paving the way for angry young novelists is an eyesore. And the sympathetic approval expressed by the Establishment is quite painful as well. “

Malakoff, by Gregory Buchert. Vertical 316 pp., 22 €.

Gregory Buchert, visual artist, was welcomed in residence for three months at the Maison des Arts in Malakoff in the spring of 2016. He is investigating the possible Russian origins of his host city while trying to meet Sam Szafran, a local figure. and virtuoso pastellist whose works he admired. And also delves into the flaws of his childhood.

The Black Dog, A Gothic Tale by Lucie Baratte, Editions du Typhon “Les Hallucinés”, 186 pp., € 17 (ebook: € 11.99).

A beautiful princess is married at 16 to King Barbiche, who takes her to his kingdom, on an island cut off from everything in a magical and dark castle. In this first novel, Lucie Baratte revisits several tales such as Blue Beard and the beauty and the Beast, from a decidedly Gothic angle.

Between eternity, the ocean and the night. Correspondence by Napoleon, Robert Laffont, “Bouquins”, 1 306 pp., 32 €.

Between eternity, the ocean and the night, which takes its title from a sentence of a 1804 letter to Josephine, made a drastic choice in an immensity of 40,497 letters from Napoleon, retaining only a little over 2%. She deals with everything, as Loris Chavanette says in her introduction: “With proclamations to his soldiers, we keep correspondence with the army; with the Emperor’s addresses and replies, we have his correspondence with the institutions; finally, with the bulletins, we discover his correspondence with the nation. ”

The valley of Bernard Minier. XO éditions, 450 pp., € 21.90 (ebook: € 13.99).

The author reconnects with his native Pyrenees and his familiar heroes: Martin Servaz, a tired police officer on the verge of being suspended, finds his fellow policeman Irène Ziegler. We immerse ourselves in the heavy and oppressive atmosphere of the steep valleys, as winter approaches and an invisible killer prowls about, who gut his victims by adorning them with a plastic doll …

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