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Maneuver, Count: «Comparison with Juncker can avoid infringement proceedings»

A non-resolutive meeting that leaves hope open. "I trust that dialogue can lead to avoiding the procedure. I am always ambitious ». It is the synthesis that Giuseppe Conte makes at the end of the dinner that just that dialogue has started with the President of the EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker on the maneuver. But it is not the beginning, and the time to avoid the start of infringement proceedings for excessive debt is very little, but the premier is satisfied by the meeting that he has laid the groundwork for a new confrontation, which will first of all to tone down, as agreed both sides. "The meeting reiterated the opening of a dialogue in a climate of mutual respect, we must continue to talk," said Conte in a press at the end of the dinner attended by those directly involved in the dossier public accounts: for the 'Europe, the heads of economic affairs Dombrovskis and Moscovici, for Italy the minister of economy Giovanni Tria.

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Before the five-party dinner, Conte and Juncker had a face-to-face of twenty minutes. An interview that served to test the Luxembourg's readiness towards the Government: no foreclosure, indeed, the Commission always tries to help countries, as repeated also in recent days, but certainly it is expected that the tones are lowered. So much so that at the end of the two-hour meeting Conte explains: "This exchange" with President Jean Claude Juncker "had a positive aspect: we both agreed that the tones must be kept low and trust that the spread may fall. Lowering the tones can contribute to this since we have been told that the high tones raised it ".

For the rest "it was not a decisive meeting", admits the premier. But "the step forward is in reiterating the opening of a dialogue" between Italy and the EU. It was not so obvious, in fact, after the first formal step taken by the Commission last Wednesday towards the opening of a procedure for excessive debt. And now it waits for the Eurozone Governments to give the ok to take the second step, that is the start of the process that could lead first to the request for a corrective maneuver and then to pecuniary sanctions. But Conte is satisfied. "The climate has reassured me that we are continuing on constructive dialogue. The dialogue will take place as early as tomorrow, will continue in the coming days and will develop in the coming weeks ", he announces. And even a spokesman for the Commission speaks of a work that "will continue in the coming days to bring their respective points of view closer together and seek a solution of perspective". A formula that does not exclude or promise anything. Also because it is not enough to convince only the Commission, but also the other Eurozone States, where the hawks have awakened and are in the election campaign as much as Italy.

Conte will try to open a dialogue with them too and, he explains, some exchanges will have him even tomorrow at the Brexit summit. With the Commission, however, "no final balances were discussed". And the position was reiterated on all the "qualifying" measures of the Government. "Obviously I have not renounced the reforms," ​​said the prime minister, reporting what was discussed in the meeting. And the deputy prime minister Salvini is delighted on twitter, immediately after the Brussels dinner: "You do not make it back! Full speed ahead!".

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