«I am convinced and satisfied with the work done. We are reversing the trend that led us into the recession, in a perspective of complete recession, so I also felt the responsibility, as the highest government authority, to reverse this trend and instead focus decisively on growth. Economic growth, but also means social development of the country ". So the premier Giuseppe Conte, on the sidelines of the initiative "I do not risk", talking about the maneuver.

"First of all I'm interested in the method – said Conte – first you have to sit down at a table, analyze the contents, and we must have time to explain how we set it up. There is no prior evaluation, if not through prejudices, so leave us time to sit around a table with our European interlocutors and explain our maneuver. I am convinced I can persuade them. "

And again: "We have the Council of Ministers on Monday afternoon," Conte concluded, "where we will obviously bring the tax decree and the bill on the budget into deliberation. Surely we will meet even before to agree on the last details on these two very important normative texts ».

Saturday 13 October 2018, 18:55 – Last update: 13-10-2018 19:08


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