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Home News Mangkhut storm: Strongest typhoon hits mainland China

Mangkhut storm: Strongest typhoon hits mainland China

  • Foothills of the typhoon Mangkhut have reached Hong Kong and China. Authorities called for the highest level of warning and brought tens of thousands of people to safety.
  • In the Philippines, the storm cost at least 25 lives. Mangkhut was swept across the northern tip of the island nation at up to 285 kilometers per hour.
  • Mangkhut According to reinsurer Munich Re, it is far more dangerous for the population than the storm Florence on the US East Coast.

After typhoon Mangkhut In the Philippines, more than two dozen people have lost their lives, first offshoots of the storm have reached China. The National Weather Bureau issued the highest level of typhoon alert on Sunday, warning that Mangkhut could be the strongest typhoon hitting the Chinese coast this year.

The cyclone is expected to reach the south coast from Sunday afternoon or in the evening with full force. Tens of thousands of people were taken to safety and ships were ordered back to the ports. The metropolis of Hong Kong, too, prepared for a complete shutdown on Sunday and called the city's highest typhoon warning level.

TV stations showed pictures of heavy rainfall that erupted over the city. Hundreds of flights have been canceled, local traffic reduced and residents from low-lying areas brought to safety. The weather office warned of storm surges and floods that could cause even more devastation than typhoon Hato last year, for which Hong Kong had last issued the highest warning level.

Uprooted trees, destroyed houses, landslides in the Philippines

The city of Macao, known for its casinos and luxury hotels, also prepared for the typhoon. In the city were through Hato – The worst typhoon in 50 years – At least ten people have died. Authorities ordered the closure of the city's casinos on Saturday night.

The number of typhoon victims in the Philippines rose to 25, as the authorities announced on Sunday. Twenty of the victims were from Cordillera, a northern region of the country, including a family of six, whose house in Baguio City was buried by a landslide. A family of four was killed in the province of Nueva Vizcaya – also by a landslide. In Kalinga province, a man was killed by a falling boulder.

On Saturday morning, the typhoon was hit by heavy rains with full force in the north of the Philippines hit land, nearly 400 kilometers north of the capital Manila. He weakened slightly with wind speeds of 170 kilometers per hour. Gusts reached 285 kilometers per hour. The storm uprooted trees, destroyed houses and triggered numerous landslides.

More than four million people were without electricity, according to the authorities on Saturday. In total, at least 5.2 million people are said to be affected by the storm. The Red Cross of the Philippines is due to the destructive power of even up to ten million sufferers.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte wanted to get an impression of the disaster on Sunday. Mangkhut It has been the strongest typhoon in the Philippines this year, hit by about 20 typhoons each year. One of the strongest typhoons of recent years was "Haiyan" in November 2013. At that time, more than 6300 people died, more than four million lost their homes. Mangkhut In the opinion of reinsurer Munich Re, it is far more dangerous for the population than the former hurricane Florence on the US East Coast. "Humanitarian is Mangkhut the more serious event, "said Ernst Rauch, head of climate research at the world's largest reinsurer.



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