Manif in Paris: “The policy of asylum and immigration hardens and the FN welcomes it”


At least 2,000 people have manifested once again , at the call of the reception and support office for migrants (Baam), Sunday afternoon in Paris, against the draft law of the government on asylum and immigration, which will be debated in Parliament from of Tuesday. Protesters of all ages, some of whom came with their families, walked in a calm and happy atmosphere between the National Assembly and the Senate, shouting “So-so-solidarity! With the undocumented! ” ” Air ! Air ! Open borders ” or “Wall by wall, and stone by stone, we destroy, the detention centers!”
Under a sign “Collomb = Dark Dador”, Amaury, 29, head of legal services at Baam for a year and a half, smiles: “Gérard Collomb is the big bad guy like Darth Vader!” He believes that the tenant of Beauvau “Does exactly what the FN would like to do, it attacks the subject of asylum seekers to reach a certain part of the electorate, we find it disgusting”.
Photo Denis Allard. REA for Liberation
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At one end of a large streamer “Freedom of movement, withdrawal of the law Collomb” , who blocks Boulevard Saint-Germain, Louis, a 25-year-old lawyer and member of the Immigrant Information and Support Group (Gisti), finds that he is “Important to show that part of civil society is united against this law. A number of actors, the rights advocate , the general controller of places of deprivation of liberty , agents of Ofpra … are united against this law, which only gives the impression that we manage. Reducing the time to appeal, increasing the maximum length of detention, is inefficient and can have traumatic consequences, especially for families. Especially since we always lock up children in detention.
“Borders kill”
The procession passes in front of the Musée d’Orsay, flashes of tourists and Sunday strollers crackle. Cécile, a 36-year-old teacher, made a commitment two and a half years ago to the distribution of breakfast to 19th-century migrants e borough. Before she saw thousands of people settling in her neighborhood, she was not particularly interested in the question: “When I saw the misery in which they were left, I understood that it was a real, conscious, non-welcoming policy. The authorities let it rot on the spot to say after there is violence, problems of hygiene … and that one “can not accommodate all the misery of the world”. If she walks this Sunday, it’s also for “Remind MPs of their responsibilities as elected officials and Macron that he was elected against the National Front. The asylum and immigration policy is hardening and the FN is delighted. ”
In the midst of slogans turning the Minister of the Interior into a mockery (“We can not accommodate all the bullshit of the world: Collomb outside” or “France according to Gerard Collomb: freedom, equality, your papers!”) or condemning the French and European migration policy (“Borders kill”, “Frontex kills its sea”, “human rights do not admit conditions”, “exile is not a crime”), Abraham, a 33-year-old Ivorian asylum seeker wins the prize for the best sign: “I did not come to France to suffer, ok? ”

Kim Hullot-Guiot photos Denis Allard (REA)


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