manipulation to distort the outcome of matches

Unheard of, never experienced at the IRT football club after its “miraculous” maintenance with the greats of the professional Botola I.

“We accuse” is the watchword that has just circulated to the Tangier team where a lot of ink has flowed.

Here and there, there is even talk of the intervention of high authorities of the federal office to investigate a shady affair which affects not only football in Tangier but also national football.

Who are we accusing? What ? When ? How ? Where ? So many questions whose intrigue and suspense recall the good films of Hitchkock.

It all started with the publication in social networks and Facebook of news that shook all sporting circles: the contribution of an administrator and three footballers to the manipulation of falsifying the result in two decisive matches played at the outside where the opponents played the maintenance.

This missive was transferred to some local media platforms, especially the electronic press.

There is also talk of a member who revealed the secret of the case.

Faced with this difficult situation which caused more fear than harm to the IRT family, President Mohamed Ahkane, who conducted the investigation in person by listening to the recordings of the “confiscated” cell phones, called a large meeting with his close collaborators. to put the dots on the “i” of the serious problem.

Following long debates, the whole affair was denied and here is the press release:
“Ittihad Tanger Football Club’s management office has reviewed the news published on social networks (including Facebook) as well as some local media platforms, which claim the existence of (manipulation by some club players in the results of the last matches of the team), and the presence of (audio recordings proving it), as well as (Opening of the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office for a judicial investigation into the case).

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The management office of Ittihad Tangier, having deliberated on these malicious rumors, announces to local and national public opinion the following:
– He firmly denies the validity of this news and affirms his absolute confidence in all the components of the club – without exception -.
– Strongly condemns this unfounded and untrue news which harms the team, the players and national football.
– It reserves the right to take legal action against the owners of suspicious accounts and pages disseminating false information about certain players or certain members of the management office.
– He appeals to the fans of the team and the supporters of the club not to pay attention to these fake news and suspicious pages which aim to create an atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust between the players and the public, and between the players among themselves, and between the players and the management office, to weaken the team and push it towards the abyss.