Manninger: “Augsburg deserves the Bundesliga!”

FCA TV shoots a report about Alexander Manninger

A season finale between FC Augsburg and Greuther Fürth – that could trigger déjà vu for many a fan. Because almost exactly nine years ago there was this duel on the 34th matchday. Back then, in May 2013, Alexander Manninger was between the posts and paved the way for the much acclaimed relegation on the last day of the game for the Fuggerstadt team with a saved penalty in the opening minutes. This was followed by goals from Tobias Werner, Jan-Ingwer Callsen-Bracker and Dong-Won Ji for a 3-1 home win. FCA TV looks back at that time with a visit to Alex Manninger.

With this important save at the latest, the Austrian, who has played for clubs such as Arsenal FC and Juventus Turin during his career, made himself immortal among FCA fans. “That game saved us the whole season, I will always remember that,” recalls the former FCA goalkeeper. After the game, the 44-year-old was regularly hailed by FCA fans as “Manni, the Wall” and became the crowd’s favourite. Now, with the home game against Greuther Fürth on Saturday, May 14, 2022 (3:30 p.m.), things have come full circle – with the difference that FCA have already secured relegation before this game, unlike nine years ago.

Nevertheless, FCA TV took this as an opportunity to visit Alexander Manninger in his home town of Salzburg to accompany him for a whole day. The result is a 25-minute report in which the “FCA legend” also gives private insights. Whether playing golf, taking a walk through Salzburg or visiting your favorite restaurant – FCA TV was right there with you. Big topic – of course – the then exciting heart-stopping final against Fürth and Manninger’s big part in the so important relegation.

The full-length report with Alexander Manninger is available on FCA TV!

Video: Report about Alex Manninger: FCA TV as a guest in Salzburg

But even today, the Austrian is still following what’s happening in Augsburg with great interest and is very emotionally connected to the club. “Staying up in the league was the start of something big! It’s amazing to see that FCA has stabilized in such a modest environment that it’s in the Bundesliga year after year,” enthuses Manninger. “You just notice that the city, the fans, the officials and everyone at the club give their all every year. That’s the most important!”

Manninger is happy about FC Augsburg’s relegation, because he has made it his goal to visit the WWK ARENA again soon to “watch Bundesliga football”: “The city, the club and the fans deserve nothing more than Top football in Germany!”

The full-length report with Alexander Manninger is available on FCA TV!