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The Dodgers expected Manny Machado to provide the necessary help to break a World Series title drought that dates back to 1988. The contribution of the Dominican star remained light years ahead of those expectations.

Machado was insignificant against the Boston Red Sox, in what was the first World Series of the player, who began the campaign with the Baltimore Orioles.

And a reflection of a performance for oblivion in the Fall Classic, it was represented by the last out with a swing of the most decomposed.

It will be remembered more to the Machado of the postseason 2018 for undesirable reasons. In the sixth inning of the third game of the World Series, he sinned confident, feeling that he had hit a homer and moving slowly to the initial. The ball fell in front of the fence, and it was a long 112-meter single, but Machado did not have time to go to second because of his boast. In the fourth match, Machado stepped on a heel of Steve Pearce as he ran for the initial.

But during the Championship Series, Machado kicked the Venezuelan Jesus Aguilar while reaching first base. Christian Yelich, Aguilar's teammate in the Brewers, considered Machado to be "a dirty baseball player".

For these antics Hal Steinbrenner, owner of the Yankees – who pretended to the Dominican – told him yesterday tol New York Post: "That type of behavior, such as lack of effort and foul play, regardless of the player, in any negotiation of a free agent or in a change, are questions that we have to ask. The reports of the scouts They always talk about temperament, personality, how good a fellow is someone and if they really understand what it means to be a Yankee and what Yankees fans expect from him. " (D)


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