Manon and Julien Tanti Reveal Stunning Results of Liposuction Surgery: Before and After Pictures

Several days after their cosmetic surgery operation, Manon and Julien Tanti have finally revealed the result of their liposuction. And it must be said that the results are stunning, look!

The two emblematic candidates from Marseille, Manon and Julien Tanti continue to delight their followers by sharing their daily lives on their social networks. So, the couple who met in 2016 on the show The island of truths, is very active on Snapchat in particular. Moreover, the two lovers do not hide having had recourse to cosmetic surgery many times.

New operation for Manon and Julien Tanti

The parents of Tiago and Angelina, who recently overcame couple problems, have chosen to go through the operation box once again. No prostheses this time but a liposuction, which they did not hesitate to share with their community.

During the pregnancies of his wife, Julien Tanti made couvades. Thus he had accumulated a lot of fat around the belly, impossible to lose, even with sport, according to him. Engaged in a liposuction process, his wife Manon decided to take the plunge too, rather unexpectedly. Indeed, despite the criticism of Internet users who accused Manon of having pushed her darling to go under the knife, the father of the family nevertheless explained that he wanted to do this operation for a while now.

Manon and Julien reveal the result of their liposuction

After the operation, the couple appeared bedridden. If the few days that followed the latter were complicated, they seem to be able to move again without suffering too much. The recovery is not over yet. But already, the results seem to satisfy Julien Tanti. In story, after being criticized for the lack of “thickness” of his belly, the candidate did not hesitate to dot the i’s by ensuring that this is the result he wanted from the start . We unveiled his story in a previous article.

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Indeed, they were quick to reveal the result of this liposuction. And you have to admit, it’s remarkable. Julien reveals a flat stomach and a drawn back, which contrasts with the photos before operation. For her part, Manon appears thinner even if she admits that for the moment the result is still ” swollen”.

Manon and Julien Tanti: they show a before / after their liposuction

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Manon and Julien Tanti: they show a before / after their liposuction

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2023-06-03 12:17:29

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