Manon Marsault: Too much surgery? She warns her subscribers!

Manon Marsault is in a relationship with the famous king of problems Julien Tanti. Since their meeting in Moundir and the apprentice adventurers, the two candidates spin the perfect love. Moreover, you were able to follow all the stages of their marriage during a program dedicated to them and broadcast if 6play. Very close to her friends, Manon Marsault regularly sees her friend and neighbor Maeva Ghennam. Besides, remember, last year the two young women did not speak to each other because of an argument in a nightclub. But fortunately, today everything is better between the two young women. However, according to blogger Aqababe, Manon is on the hook with her best friend Laura Lempika. Indeed, since he claimed that Manon was using a fake twitter account, Laura would have taken it badly and would no longer speak to Manon. Moreover, according to the blogger, it would even have caused tension between Julie and Nikola, Laura’s husband.

Manon Marsault: Beware of surgical abuse!

Manon Marsault is a young woman who assumes to have done cosmetic surgery. Very close to her subscribers, she does not hesitate to issue warnings. Indeed, for several days Manon has had the acid injections removed that she had used to camouflage her dark circles. But it seems that the pretty blonde did not go to the right doctor. In a video posted on her Snapchat account, the young mother explains that you should not go anywhere, and that you have to think carefully before taking action.

In pictures, she says: ” I put on my glasses to hide (…) I was still withdrawing from the old product that I had (…) I can’t take it anymore (…) I have to take off little by little (…) a tip (…) think twice. Above all, go to the right people (…) I will still have a bruise. Besides, it’s been two months that I have bruises! ” And you what do you think ?