Manuel Abreu, a coach different from the others

“I recruited him, I remember very well this passionate, football lover. I had strong confidence in him, I had seen and appreciated his very respectable career as a coach. I gave him a two-year challenge to raise FC Chartres from CFA2 to CFA. We failed, I would have kept him for another season if he had succeeded! “Throat tight, Gérard Cornu, the former president of FC Chartres (2008-2013), is touched by the announcement of the sudden death of one of the coaches he had under his orders. “He was very demanding as a coach, serious and even picky. He asked me a lot of things, he found that his squad was not provided enough. »

Former FC Chartres coach Manuel Abreu hangs up: “Not myself lately”

His smile, his kindness, his benevolence and his technical skills will have characterized his entire career as a professional player (1979-1998), then as a coach until last fall. Endearing personality, Manu Abreu lived football like no one else. Former professional footballer, defender, in big clubs (Stade Reims, 1979-1983 then Paris SG, 1983-1984), it is especially on the coaches’ bench, in the amateur world, that his career has been recognized.

“He made sure that we players were good. He had a human side that is rare these days in the world of football. It made him different from other managers…I’m sad.”

Nicolas Cousin (ex-goalkeeper of FC Chartres)

The Dunois Stéphane Malloyer was his assistant during the Chartres years of Manuel Abreu: “I lived strong moments with him, we had a top group. He was a football gentleman. He was my coach, we became friends. I have been stunned since the announcement of his death, it hurts me, ”says the current coach of Chauvigny (N3), scorer of C’Chartres Football in the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France (2-1), who comes to re-enlist for a season.

Settling in the Algarve

In the Chartres group of this period, Nicolas Cousin, the goalkeeper, remembers a passionate coach who loved his job, the people and above all his players. “He made sure that we players were good. He had a human side that is rare these days in the world of football. It made him different from other coaches… I’m sad.”

When he retired last season, Manu Abreu saw himself, with his wife, return to his native land, Portugal, and settle in the Algarve. “There, where the sun is most present”, he liked to specify to his interlocutors.

Manu Abreu, the ex-coach of FC Chartres died

Born in Fafe, it is on his land of origin, at the end of the Iberian Peninsula, that Manuel Ferreira Abreu Freitas, his full name, died suddenly at the age of 63, Tuesday May 10. Since the announcement of his death, the messages have continued to fall, wherever he went, leaders, players, volunteers, journalists greet a great man, who always had a kind word. To remember is to live and to live is also to remember, he regularly posted on his Facebook page. His way of keeping in touch with his world, that of a football that was no longer going very well, according to him.

His career
Amateur/junior player.
Saint-Gratien (1969–1973), Red Star (1973–1977).
Professional player. Red Star (1977-1978), AS Poissy (1978-1979), Stade de Reims (1979-1983), Paris SG (1983-1984), Nancy (1984-1986), Sporting Braga (1986-1987), Stade Quimpérois (1987-1990), Olympique Football Club Charleville (1990-1991), US Lusitanos Saint-Maur (1991-1993) and Stade de Reims (1991-1996).
Coach.Stade de Reims (1996-2000), Calais RUFC (2001-2002), CS Sedan-Ardennes (-18 years then reserve/2002-2007), US Sénart-Moissy (2008-2009), AS Saint-Priest (2010- 2011), FC Chartres (2011-2013), RC Paris (2014-2015), Olympique Saint-Quentin (2016-2017), FC Rouen 1899 (2017-2018), EF Reims Sainte-Anne (2018-2020), Cormontreuil CF (2020-2021).

Hervé Paraut