Manuel Neuer knights dismissed Bayern coach Niko Kovac: "human pull the hat"

Have a coffee with the former coach? No problem for Manuel Neuer. The captain of FC Bayern Munich has spoken extensively after the Champions League victory against Olympiakos Piraeus on Sunday dismissed Niko Kovac – and ennobled his former coach for its behavior after the Bayern-Aus. "I take a hat off to human Niko and Robbie (former assistant coach Robert Kovac, d. Red) as they have said goodbye"said the FCB goalkeeper. Fear of another encounter with the two is out of place: "I think that every player, when he meets Robbie or Niko, can look them in the eyes and drink a coffee together."

For a first meeting after the dismissal it came already on Tuesday morning before the first training of Intermins successor Hansi Flick. The Kovac brothers said goodbye to the team at Säbener Strasse. "Many had to swallow," said Flick, who has been given responsibility for at least two games as a new coach. Ex-coach Niko Kovac was keen to personally speak to the team again. "It has worked well and successfully for a year and a half and something like that does not go by without a trace," said Flick.

Neuer: "Donate humanity to Niko Kovac"

Neuer called the Kovac farewell "emotional" and praised the club for giving the brothers the chance: "One wishes the ex-coach all the best, because one had a good time together," says Neuer.

The blame for the Kovac-off sees Neuer in his own team: "If we had played successfully, that would not have happened," criticized the DFB keeper. He agreed with Joshua Kimmich, who made similar statements at Flick's inaugural press conference. "So saying goodbye shows that something did not work before," said the 24-year-old, "which means that each of us did bad work before."

After leaving Niko Kovac at Bayern: These are the successor candidates

Niko Kovac is no longer Bayern coach. The record champion must find a successor. Names like assistant coach Hansi Flick, Ajax coach Erik ten Hag and José Mourinho are traded. Of the SPORTSBUZZER shows the candidates.


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