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Businesswoman Manuela Gómez is recognized in the country for her participation in the program ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele 2012’. In recent days, she surprised her followers when affirming that she was hospitalized, because she made a bad move and felt as if her back was breaking.

In his Instagram stories, Gómez commented on his state of health. “I am here in the hospital. I made a bad move and I felt like my back was broken… they’re going to leave me hospitalized for a couple of days to see what is causing the pain in my spine,” he said.

Goméz stressed that the pain he felt was very intense and to calm him down, the doctors gave him morphine. “They have me at the point of morphine, I’m waiting for them to give me the room and I’ll tell them to see how I’m doing, what I have, if I’m going for surgery or not,” he said.

In addition, He said that despite receiving medical attention and care, his back continued to hurt a lot and the morphine was not helping.

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“They have given me a lot of morphine and the pain does not go away. Do you remember what I told you to enjoy life a lot, to the fullest, not to think about yesterday or tomorrow, because today we are fine and tomorrow see: in a hospital room without knowing what you have, yes Is it something serious or not? How is it possible that they give you so much morphine and unbearable pain?

On the morning of Monday, January 16, the famous Colombian received her diagnosis and stressed that she felt sad, because she was too young to have to go through this situation.

“I’m still hospitalized, they gave me too much pain medication. I want to tell you a little about what is happening to me in the column, It’s really serious, it’s sad that I’m very young and suffering from this”, he began counting.

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Also, he added: “One in the spine has discs and In the resonance it came out that a disk died, it cannot be regenerated, it cannot be recovered, I already lost it. So they are going to do an infiltration in the spine… to directly connect the medication to the spine to see if it reduces the inflammation and I can slowly recover my movements”.

By last, He commented that from now on he must take great care so as not to damage his other records. You will not be able to exert force, nor can you carry objects of more than 10 kilos.

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