Many developers have dreamed of a PS5 with a 16-core processor. But there was a nuance

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X offer relatively high levels of performance at a fairly low price point. But some developers wanted the Sony console to provide even more processor performance. However, after Sony talked about the consequences, they quickly changed their minds.

The PS5’s main specs are impressive. For a relatively low price, gamers get a next-gen console with super-fast solid state storage, powerful graphics capable of 4K and 120Hz gaming, and an AMD 8-core processor for good performance. But some developers didn’t think that was enough, as Mark Cerny, the PS5’s lead systems architect, told Wired.

“When we did the tour, we had developers who really wanted a 16-core console. But game development is so graphics-driven that they gave up when we said we could do it, but with a smaller GPU. “

The snippet on the processor is at 4:14.

In order to further increase the performance of the PS5 processor, Sony would have to reduce the graphics unit, and this did not suit the developers.