Many Hertha fans had to stay outside in Bremen

At the Bundesliga game on Friday, some Hertha BSC fans were unable to enter the guest block. Werder Bremen’s security chief blames the guests themselves.

Numerous fans of Hertha BSC were denied access to the stands at the Bundesliga game at Werder Bremen (0:1) due to overcrowding. On Friday evening, some football supporters of the capital club published photos on social media of Berlin fans standing in the stairways to the blocks and reported chaotic conditions at the entrance control.

“The problem was caused by Hertha fans themselves,” said Bremen’s security chief Lars Mühlbradt of the “Bild” newspaper about the overcrowding in the Hertha block and explained: “Banners were placed so high that no fans wanted to stand behind them. This made the space in the block so tight that no more fans could be let in for fear of overcrowding.”

The result: the police cordoned off the block. Many Berlin fans saw the 1-0 defeat on a screen in the catacombs.