Many Hungarians are now rushing to the shops for these phones: the waiting list is rough

There is less than a month until Christmas, so many people try to get over the gift shopping as soon as possible. One of the most popular surprises is none other than the phone. The Pénzcentrum found out which are the most popular devices, and how much of a price increase those who would buy them should expect.

Shopping for the Christmas season has recently started, during which everyone is trying to get the best gifts for their loved ones. It is no coincidence that the weeks before the holidays are the busiest period for shops. According to MediaMarkt’s information, interest in mobile phones increases by 30-40 percent in November-December, but other service providers and large electronics stores share the same opinion.

Those interviewed by Pénzcentrum unanimously claimed that most people visit them in November and December to start preparing for the holidays.

In November, although the month is not yet over, we have already sold more mobile phones than the previous month. Since the start of our Black Friday sale, customers have bought about 20% more mobile phones than in October

Csaba Takács, head of Alza in Hungary, told the newspaper.

Most people are looking for mid-range mobile phones, because they have the best price-value ratio, according to Vodafone Hungary, which was confirmed by Yettel and MediaMarkt. According to the latter most people choose models between HUF 120,000 and 170,000, and Apple products are also very popular.

Most people are looking for these mobile phones

It is difficult to give an exact answer as to which are the most popular products, as one brand could be singled out for each price category. In general, Samsung and Xiaomi devices are popular among customers, but many people like the newly fashionable Honor devices and, of course, the new iPhone 14 series devices as well.

– said Yettel, but mid-range devices were the most popular at eMAG as well, although both lower and upper mid-range products can be found within it. These include the Samsung Galaxy A13 (price ranges from HUF 56,990 to HUF 11,880), Samsung Galaxy A52s (available from HUF 106,920 to HUF 142,990), Samsung Galaxy A04s (price ranges from HUF 56,990 to HUF 64,999), Apple iPhone 13 (the the price of last year’s series iPhone ranges from HUF 273,680 to HUF 379,990) and the Xiaomi Redmi 9A/9AT (the price of the 9A model is everywhere under HUF 50,000, while the 9AT series can be obtained for under HUF 40,000).

The price of phones has increased by that much

Like everything else, devices have become more expensive, as raw material problems have arisen during their production for years, and the economic processes taking place in the world have only strengthened this. The price increase is most noticeable in the entry-level and mid-range category, where a device has become more expensive by almost 20%. Therefore, in the premium segment, it is not uncommon for a new model to come on the market up to 30% more expensive than last year’s predecessor.

explained Yettel. This was also supported by eMAG, according to which it can be observed with all manufacturers that the new models are already significantly more expensive than the previous devices. But in the case of certain manufacturers, the prices of older models have also increased: however, the extent of this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, ranging from 10 to 40 percent. MediaMarkt has a similar opinion. According to the specialist shop, the price of older models can be between 5 and 10 percent.

In general, it can be said that the trend of recent years is the intensive price increase in the telephone market. This is primarily due to the lack of microchips, production difficulties or stoppages caused by Covid, inflation, exchange rate fluctuations and energy prices. The price of Rejoy’s refurbished devices does not increase, but constantly decreases – with the appearance of new devices – and although the prices have been decreasing at a slower pace for the past year, the trend and trend is still against the rapidly accelerating increase in the price of new devices

Rejoy said.

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