Many incidents marred the May Day demonstration in Paris

The first tensions took place only a few minutes after the departure of the procession, at the beginning of the afternoon. A very mobile group of demonstrators, wearing black clothes, gloves and masks, broke away from the main procession to clash with the police. They tried to put up a barricade using palisades and attacked shop windows.

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According to an AFP journalist, around twenty brands, mostly McDonald’s, insurers, real estate agencies or banks, were damaged while a car was broken into. The demonstrators also threw projectiles, including fruit, at the police. The police tried to disperse them with tear gas.

A firefighter jostled by a protester

A firefighter, who was trying to put out a pallet fire was attacked by a woman, arousing the indignation of the authorities. According to television images, widely relayed on social networks, the firefighter was holding his water hose in the direction of the fire, rue Alexandre-Dumas, when a demonstrator came to jostle him to prevent him from extinguishing the fire before to strike him twice with his hand on his helmet.

” It’s enough ! Shame on the savagery, incomprehensible this new aggression vis-à-vis the firefighters of Paris in the exercise of their functions, to protect the people, the goods of the City and the smooth running of the demonstration “tweeted the Paris firefighters

“The Prefect of Police strongly condemns the scandalous attack suffered by the [sapeurs-pompiers de Paris] who intervened on a fire at the corner of rue Alexandre-Dumas and boulevard Voltaire”reacted on his side The police headquarters.

Many incidents marred the May Day demonstration in Paris

“Unacceptable” violence for Gérald Darmanin

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin on Sunday denounced the “unacceptable violence” committed by “breakers” dressed in black and came “disrupt the demonstrations of the 1is May, especially in Paris”with dozens of signs vandalized along the route, blocking the progress of the union procession. “I follow this with attention”a tweeted the Minister of the Interiorensuring its “full support for the police and gendarmes mobilized”.

According to the count communicated Sunday evening by the CGT, the some 250 May Day demonstrations organized throughout France brought together a total of “more than 210,000” people. Of this total, the trade union center claimed 50,000 demonstrators in Paris. The Ministry of the Interior has meanwhile counted 116,500 demonstrators in France, including 24,000 in the capital.