Many insurance policies can be canceled by September 30 – money

– Rising energy, food and rental prices are getting on your nerves and your wallet. If you want to relieve both, you should quickly scour your insurance documents for potential for improvement.

Do you need to pay more attention to your expenses in the coming year? Then start with your insurance. You still have the opportunity to cancel or change many policies until the end of September. The consumer organization Money and Consumers (GVI) points this out.

“Above all, liability, household, residential building, legal protection and accident insurance should be examined closely,” says GVI President Siegfried Karle. In most cases, these insurance policies could be terminated by September 30 at the end of the year. Important: The notice of cancellation must be received by the insurer by this date.

An exception applies to car insurance: Insured persons usually have a shorter notice period and therefore have until November 30 to change.

By the way: If the insurance company increases the premium, customers have a special right of termination, according to consumer advice centers. Those affected can then sell their policies at short notice and regardless of the annual termination date.