Many NFT Agus BM Everyday, WhatsApp Chat Screenshots For Sale Starting at IDR 70,000 All pages – After photo selfie Ghozali Everyday, now it’s the turn of the chat screenshots on WhatsApp that are sold as Non-Fungible Tokens aka NFT. This was done by a young man named Oji, who is known to work as a graphic designer.

Following in Ghozali’s footsteps, Oji sells batches of screenshot chat WhatsApp from his boss named Agus Bayu Maulana alias “Agus BM” as NFT. No doubt, what Oji did was viral and widely discussed in cyberspace.

The NFT collection that Oji sells consists of 50 item screenshot WhatsApp conversation from Agus and named “Agus BM Everyday”. This NFT is already on sale at marketplace Popular NFT, OpenSea, since March 26, 2022.

NFT is a cryptographic token that represents an item that is considered unique. By owning NFT assets, the owner is like owning a work of art or an antique. Simply put, NFT is like a certificate for the work and the owner can sell it.

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In Oji’s case, the “antiques” here are a collection of “weird bin BM” chats from Agus.

Weird chat bin “BM” from Agus

Not only WhatsApp chat, some item in the Agus BM Everyday collection also comes from direct message Instagram and e-mail from Agus to Oji.

Interesting thing, chat what Oji is selling is not chat “normal”. According to Oji, chat which is in the NFT Agus BM Everyday collection is a group chat strange, willing (BM), and annoying from Agus to himself.

A collection of screenshots of bin BM’s weird and annoying chats from my Art Director. Instead of just being a complaint, it’s better to make money,” wrote Oji in the description of NFT Agus BM Everday.

Indeed, if observed, Agus always sends messages containing many requests to Oji. Starting from things related to work to personal problems such as buying a bag and finding a girlfriend, as below.

OpenSea / And BM Everyday Some of Agus BM’s NFT Everyday collections.

No wonder Oji finally named his collection “Agus BM (Bayu Maulana / Many Mau) Everyday”.

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In one of the screenshots of the Instagram DM being sold as NFT, there is username Instagram from Agus, namely “agusbayu Maulana_”.

However, when KompasTekno search, no results. No Instagram account registered with username the.

For sale from IDR 70,000

In the history of sales activities, Oji was first recorded selling NFT Agus BM Everyday through his OpenSea account (Oji_GDGedeg) on ​​Saturday (26/3/2022).

At that time, the NFT collection screenshot chat Agus BM is sold at an average price of 0.0016 ETH or the equivalent of Rp. 70,000.

Monitoring KompasTekno, Thursday (14/4/2022) morning, several collections of Agus BM Everyday have been sold out. In fact, it has been resold by the next owner at an even higher price.

For example, item number #30 in which Agus told Oji to bring clothes, towels, and toiletries, where the shampoo and soap must be organic.

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According to the history of sales activity, item the number #030 was sold to the Izzaac801 account at a price of 0.0016 ETH (approximately IDR 70,000). Then, the Izzaac801 account sells item #030 for 0.00325 ETH (approximately Rp 142,000) to account 8F9408.

Now watch KompasTekno on Wednesday afternoon at 14.00, account 8F9408 again sold Agus BM Everyday’s NFT number #030 at a higher price, namely 0.012 ETH (approximately Rp 526,000).

Until now, it is not known for sure how much profit Oji has made from selling screenshot chat from Agus as NFT since March 26, 2022.

It is not known exactly how much item from the sold-out collection of NFT Agus BM Everyday.

However, from OpenSea data, now the Agus BM Everyday collection is owned by 10 users with trading volumes reaching 0.55 ETH or around Rp. 2.4 million.

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