many of my friends and acquaintances started to support Fradi «Üllői út 129.

Our Norwegian player also talked about the season and the cup final, who also told us what kind of exotic island he is vacationing on.

– Already in Norway?
– My family and I bought the ticket well in advance. We played our last league match in Gyirmót on Saturday and headed home earlier this week.

– Did you miss your home?
– I haven’t lived in another country before. Moving to Hungary was a big change in my life, as I changed not only clubs and cities, but also countries. I told you before, it was also strange that suddenly everyone around me started speaking English in the locker room, in everyday life, I had to get to know a new culture, but now we really fell in love with Budapest.

– She grew up on a fairytale island in Norway with colorful beach houses. Do you go fishing during your vacation?
“Sotra is a truly beautiful place, inhabited by barely thirty thousand people.” Anyone who hasn’t been to the island yet can’t even imagine the atmosphere of being surrounded by water from all directions. Fishing as a child was like pushing a toy car for another boy… My father has a boat, we often went out to the surrounding waters, he fished for crabs, I tried to catch fish.

– Will they be home all the way?
– We have to return to Népliget in the beginning of June, we are glad to be home until then. My wife will be Norwegian and our little girl will be one year old. Luckily we got home on Tuesday, it was a special day in Norway, when we celebrated their constitution, which was passed more than two hundred years ago. Everyone calls us this “Syttende Mainak” with a musical parade, a parade, lots of kids waving Norwegian flags, national costumes. This is the most spectacular Norwegian holiday.

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– The end of the season was also spectacular for Ferencváros, in addition to the championship title, the cup gold also came together: where do you keep your coins?
– Fortunately, they gather nicely with Ferencváros, I brought them home for the time being and entrusted them to my father. In the parental house, she takes care of them until I return home to Norway at the end of my career. Dad is very proud of me, he has always loved sports, football, he is happy to keep my trophies.

– Did you take anything else home as a gift?
– I packed quite a few FTC jerseys in the suitcase, because since I was playing in Hungary, many of my acquaintances and friends have started pushing Ferencváros.

– Did your friends see your goal in the cup final?
– Several people watched the match live with the help of the internet, you can imagine the mood back home when we took the lead against Paks with my goal. It was an unforgettable evening.

– If only because he has not lost the second cup final of his career…
– I was past Norway in a lost final with Sarpsborg, we didn’t make a mistake with Ferencváros. I already felt before the meeting, this was going to be our evening.

– How many times have you looked back at your goal?
“I remember it countless times, anyway.” I will never forget that hit.

– He scored twice in the cup final, in the cup semi-final against Győr and in the championship. What was the reason for his good form?
“I’ve talked about this before, but it has been proven that a player from far away needs at least half a year to do his best at his new station. There may be a football player who justifies seamlessly from one country to another, but most don’t think they are. Plus, a new head coach came to the club during the season, and I had to get used to his expectations.

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– He also played on the right and left edges and in the middle of the season. What is your favorite post?
“It’s not a question, I feel best in the middle.” Eighth position is my favorite. They used to be deployed on the right as well as on the left, and even though I tried to get everything out of it there myself, many times the game didn’t go the way I expected myself to.

– Did you talk to Cherchesov about this?
– You know exactly who can perform best where. I didn’t accidentally play in the middle at the end of the season, he saw it too, I’m the most dangerous there. I started there in the cup final and the goal came! With the league title and cup gold, I’m past the perfect season.