Many shooting stars to see in the coming weeks | Inland

This week many stars are falling from the Orionids meteor shower. Orionids are pieces of space rock that can reach speeds of more than 200,000 kilometers per hour. They come from Comet Halley.

However, the Orionids are not well visible this year due to moderate conditions. As a result, only two meteors from the swarm can be seen per hour. From other swarms, as many as four to nine shooting stars can be admired per hour this week. One condition is that the air must be clear.

In the coming weeks, however, the chance of seeing shooting stars will increase further, because the moon will wane in the coming period. At the beginning of November, 17 to 26 shooting stars from several swarms can be seen in an hour in a dark and clear sky.

Also later in November several swarms reach their maximum. After the peak on November 17, the visibility of the shooting stars decreases rapidly as the moon becomes full again.