Many staff failures due to Corona in hospitals

Hamburg (dpa / lno) – Corona infections among staff are again causing bottlenecks in Hamburg hospitals. “In the past two weeks, the sick leave of the staff has increased significantly,” said the managing director of the Hamburg Hospital Society (HKG), Claudia Brase. “This leads to challenges in maintaining the supply.” Because at the same time there are more Covid 19 patients to be treated again – even if the cause of their hospital stay is not always this infection. “But they still have to be fully isolated.”

There is a risk of individual stations being closed, said Brase. “Unfortunately, the hospitals are switching back to crisis mode.” According to the hospital company, the staff failure rates are not reported throughout Hamburg.

The managing director criticized that it was also problematic for the hospitals that the additional expense caused by Corona could no longer be refinanced under the current conditions. According to its own statements, the HKG represents the common interests of the Hamburg hospitals in health policy.

The University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) also reports staff absences due to illness. This affects all areas, said a spokeswoman at the request of the German Press Agency. “Around 250 of more than 14,400 employees are currently in isolation.” That is why planned and non-urgent operations have had to be postponed and beds blocked again and again since the beginning of the pandemic. The number of postponed operations varies constantly. But it is a smaller number.

An Agaplesion spokeswoman said that staff are currently absent much more frequently due to Corona. According to her, sources of infection are the general loosening, events or vacation trips. For both houses, however, the following applies: “Patient care is of course still guaranteed.” This also applies to the admission of new patients. “We’re not canceling any operations.”

As of Thursday, 20 of the 388 beds in the Agaplesion Diakonieklinikum Hamburg were blocked. The failure rate for staff in medicine, nursing and therapy was 10.87 percent. But that is the sick leave as a whole and does not just have to do with Corona, it said. In the Agaplesion Bethesda Hospital in Bergedorf, 40 of 344 beds were closed due to staff shortages. According to the information, the failure rate was 6.24 percent.

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