Many underestimate it but itching could be the alarm bell of these diseases

How many times have we experienced that feeling of having to constantly scratch our hand, foot or face? When we can’t wait to rub our fingers well on our skin it is usually because we suffer from severe itching. So far there is nothing strange. This little annoyance happens to everyone that while it is alleviated it can become even pleasant for us. In certain cases and certain conditions, however, itching can be the prelude to something more complicated on a healthy level. If this is the case, the advice is to be on the alert and be examined by your doctor. In fact, itching could turn out to be a symptom of some physical and psychological pathologies that should not be underestimated. Let’s see which ones we are talking about and what we can do about it.

Many underestimate it but itching could be the alarm bell of these diseases

Sometimes we find that some part of the body pinches us after exercising or coming into contact with some insect. This is because usually the itchy condition is associated with excessive sweating or animal stings. Even in winter we can suffer from it, as our skin tends to dry out more easily. For this reason it is thought that itching can only affect the skin. In reality it could indicate the presence of hidden pathologies much deeper. Here’s what we’re talking about.

It should be noted that itching could concern a very large number of diseases. In fact, experts have revealed that there are many more or less serious ailments and ailments that lie behind this apparently harmless annoyance. Among the many we can only mention a few, some known to the mass others rarer. We start by saying that behind the itch you can hide in the first place the banal but very low contact allergies. Not only that, even dermatitis such as atopic and seborrheic is unleashed starting from this. We then move on to sun rashes and impetigo, very common in the summer, and burns.

We then pay attention to the most serious cases. If we are particularly unlucky, itching becomes a symptom of serious diseases such as hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, scabies and even liver cancer. Psychic disorders are not ruled out either. The biggest mistake is that many underestimate it but itching could be the wake-up call for these diseases. But the list wouldn’t end there.

The necessary precautions to avoid complications

Itching cannot be considered a disease in the true sense of the word. In fact, as a rule, it is not treated directly but a remedy is sought against the pathology to which it is associated. That said, to soothe it it is advisable to avoid taking personal initiatives, but to contact the competent doctor. Especially when you are persistent or at risk of the aforementioned diseases.

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