»Many use loans from KfW«

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  2. Vogelsbergkreis
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Vogelsberg district (pm). “In the past year, KfW supported our homeland with more financial aid than ever before.” Helge Braun, emphasized the importance of state funding.

“Especially in the extraordinary year 2022, KfW used its funds to help municipalities, companies, but also private households to make necessary and forward-looking investments in difficult times.” promoted. In addition, there are 3.6 million euros in start-up loans and 35.7 million euros in corporate loans. This shows “that not only private households, but also the companies in our region benefit from the loans from KfW”.

The year 2022 was characterized by multiple crises and rising costs in many areas, according to Helge Braun. Be it through direct payments, but also through the granting of cheap KfW loans.

KfW also supported the region in the area of ​​energy efficiency and renewable energy. Loans totaling 152.9 million euros were granted to private households and companies. “This not only means enormous investments in the expansion of renewable energies, but combined with the other measures, enormous added value and promotion of the economy in our region,” said the MP.

The sum of all measures and, above all, the sum of the loans granted show that companies, private households and municipalities in the region in particular would finance many investments through KfW. It is therefore of enormous importance that the financial resources of KfW and, above all, the funding criteria and requirements are and remain reliable. »I hope that these figures will make it clear to everyone how important the work of KfW and, above all, how important it is to be reliable and handle public finances in a sound manner in this area. In difficult times, KfW’s promotional programs “must be financed reliably and sustainably”.