Many users of HID projector lamps switch to LED projectors, the reason is dismantling workshops


Display projector lamp or Project Led – Many Motorcycle Users With HID Projie Lights Switch to Projie LEDs, Workshops Reveal Why

Not a few moorish users who use projector lamps or HID projectors switch to LED projectors.

Motorcycle users with HID projector lights switch to LED projectors, of course, there are several reasons.

Muhammad Cholil, Owner of Nday Fashion Lightning (NFL) said on Monday (23/05/2022).

“Almost all consumers in workshops who have installed HID projector lights have switched to LED projectors,” said Muhammad Cholil.

According to Nday, Muhammad Cholil’s nickname, there are several advantages of LED Projie lamps compared to HID projectors.

“This LED projector lamp is more durable than HID projectors,” said Nday.

From Nday’s experience, there are HID projector lights that have only been used for a few months, but some have dimmed.

Hence, many motorcycle users are switching to LED projector lamps which have a much longer lifespan.

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