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Maos thugs from Neukölln: raid on eight "youth resistance" members – Berlin

Only two and a half weeks ago, the left-wing extremist thugs from Berlin-Neukölln dissolved allegedly. But the authorities keep the "youth resistance" in the sights. Now the investigators moved in with some members.

On Wednesday morning, police and prosecutors searched several homes of members of the left-wing extremist group. That informed the Attorney General Berlin in the morning on Twitter. Accordingly, there were searches of nine residential addresses. The search warrants were based on Tagesspiegel information against eight members of the violent Maoist force.

Against the persons determined several reproaches are determined. The case concerns, for example, the attacks on a pro-Israeli assembly on 12 September 2018 and participants in the "Rudolf Hess Memorial March" on 19 August 2017. Further information would follow, the source said Message on Twitter,

Benjamin Jendro, spokesman for the Police Union (GdP) in Berlin, welcomed the crackdown on the thugs. "Freedom of assembly is a fundamental right in our country, and we can be proud to take to the streets here for our democratic interests," said Jendro. "It is hypocritical that this property should only apply to those whose interests you share yourself, so an attack on an event approved by the Basic Law is a criminal offense and it is right that the security authorities follow it consistently."

Resolution only to the appearance?

The left-wing extremist group from Berlin-Neukölln At the beginning of June, after five years, she had declared her dissolution. Scene connoisseurs, however, saw the resolution as a tactical move to escape investigation, but also to escape the broad criticism in the left scene.

The group was observed by the constitution protection, the state protection of the state criminal investigation determined in numerous procedures. At the beginning of May, Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel declared that the "youth resistance" had become one the most aggressive left-wing extremist groups in Berlin.

The "youth resistance" described itself as a "proletarian, revolutionary and anti-imperialist youth organization" fighting "against this system, for socialism and the free future of communism".

She also propagated the armed struggle, revered Mao Zedong and Stalin and called for a boycott of elections. Members threatened journalists and attacked other leftists. Priority they claimed the district Neukölln for themselves, but also took place in Kreuzberg, Mitte and Wedding against dissidents.


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