The Minister of Finance modified the name of a decision of the Council of Ministers to have already processed in the Parliament the expenditure ceiling 2021

Mara Jess Montero applauds after the Government approved the budget stability objectives.
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The finance minister yesterday managed to move forward with decisive support from Esquerra Republicana a path of deficit that not only includes the expenditure ceiling of this year, as planned, but also that of 2021, which represents 3.828 million more, which have remained hidden until the parliamentary process.

To do this, Mara Jess Montero changed her own version of an agreement of theMinister councilfrom last February 11. That day, he realized that the Government had agreed on the deficit path until 2023 and, exclusively, the so-called expenditure ceiling for 2020. There is no written mention in the official reference of Moncloa or in the official communiqué of theTreasuryof that day, that the Government had also approved the limit that the State could spend next year.

However, the agreement sent to the Congress of Deputies for approval contains another denomination with respect to what was officially announced and adds as a cover the non-financial expenditure limit of the State Budget for 2021.

Excerpt from the official note of the Treasury on what was agreed on February 11 that includes only the expenditure ceiling of 2020 and what was finally voted that also incorporates that of 2021.

Therefore, the Government has already agreed, with the endorsement of Parliament, not only the 127,609 million expenditure ceiling for the 2020 budgets (3.8%), but, as transcended yesterday, the 131,437 million by 2021, which represent an additional 3% increase. This unique modification of the official document between what came out of Moncloa and what has landed in Parliament avoids the President of the Government, Pedro Snchez, if he wishes so, to have to submit the decision of spending limit to his partners of Podemos when it begins to prepare the 2021 Budgets.

Official sources of the Treasury admit that it is not explicitly informed on February 11 of the 2021 expenditure ceiling, but they detract from it. Sealan agreed by legal imperative that, according to his version, the deficit path for the 2020-2023 period had to be followed by a spending ceiling for 2021, although it may not be the final one. They emphasize that when the Budgets for the next year are elaborated –terically in autumn – a different expenditure ceiling can be incorporated than the one endorsed today in Parliament. They qualify as “inertial” the one included in the vote.

The cake of concealment of the decision for 2021 was uncovered by the spokeswoman of the PP, the former ministerElvira Rodrguez, which reproached Montero Tamaa inclusive without warning and question that met theStability Lawby not accompanying the measure with reports from Brussels.

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