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Maranhão registered on Monday (3) 35 new deaths and 381 cases of Covid-19, according to the State Department of Health (SES). Now, the total number of deaths is 7,366, while the cases have reached 268,016.

Of the new cases, 43 records were on the Big Island (St. Louis, São José de Ribamar, Paço do Lumiar e Fox), 37 in Imperatriz and 301 in other municipalities in the state.

Active cases, that is, people who are currently being treated for Covid-19, continue to rise to 20,377. Of these, 19,091 were instructed to be in isolation at home, 768 are hospitalized in wards and 518 in beds of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Registration of deaths by Covid-19 in Maranhão, per day

Number of records per day made by the Department of Health

Source: State Department of Health (SES)

To date, 240,273 patients have recovered from Covid-19 (Check out some stories of recovered by the disease in the state at the end of this article).

Covid-19 Active Cases in Maranhão

From the 21st of November

Source: State Department of Health (SES)

The 35 new deaths caused by Covid-19 were recorded in the cities of Bacabal (1), Balsas (1), Cantanhede (1), Carolina (1), Centro Novo do Maranhão (1), Chapadinha (1), Dom Pedro ( 1), Estreito (1), Fortaleza dos Nogueiras (1), Humberto de Campos (1), Jenipapo dos Vieiras (1), Lagos dos Rodrigues (1), Mata Roma (1), Olho D`Água das Cunhãs (1 ), Quarries (1), Pindaré Mirim (1), Porto Franco (1), São João Batista (1), São José dos Basílio (1), Tasso Fragoso (1), Trizidela do Vale (1), Urbano Santos ( 1), Viana (1), Miranda do Norte (2), São José de Ribamar (2), São Mateus do Maranhão (2) and São Luís (6).

As for health professionals, 4,486 have already been infected by Covid-19, 4,310 have recovered from the disease and 78 have died.

Altogether, the Health Department says that 645,456 tests have already been carried out (private + public network) for Covid-19, with 478,104 cases having been discarded. The number of suspected cases is 3,698.

Total confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Maranhão

By date of publication by the Department of Health

Source: State Department of Health (SES)

Deaths from Covid-19 in Maranhão

By date of publication by the Department of Health

Source: State Department of Health (SES)

Age range of patients

  • 0 to 9 years – 8,274 cases
  • 10 to 19 Years – 19,463 cases
  • 20 to 29 Years – 42,460 cases
  • 30 to 39 Years – 55,763 cases
  • 40 to 49 Years – 45,712 cases
  • 50 to 59 Years – 33,418 cases
  • 60 to 70 Years – 25,239 cases
  • More than 70 – 23,392 cases
  • Not informed – 14,295 cases

Percentage of cases by sex

  • Male – 44%
  • Female – 56%

Occupancy rate of ICU beds

ICU beds for Covid-19 in Greater São Luís

  • Total ICU beds – 271
  • Occupied ICU beds – 243
  • % of ICU occupancy – 89.67%

Clinical beds for Covid-19 in Greater São Luís

  • Total beds – 543
  • Occupied beds – 440
  • Percentage of occupation – 81.03%

ICU beds for Covid-19 in Imperatriz

  • Total beds – 72
  • Occupied beds – 45
  • Percentage of occupation – 62.50%

Clinical beds for Covid-19 in Imperatriz

  • Total beds – 194
  • Occupied beds – 73
  • Percentage of occupation – 37.63%
  • Total beds – 243
  • Occupied beds – 142
  • Percentage of occupation – 58.44%

Clinical beds for Covid-19 in other regions

  • Total beds – 548
  • Occupied beds – 178
  • Percentage of occupation – 32.48%

Maranhão confirmed, on February 26, the first case of the Brazilian variant P.1 of Covid-19, originally identified in Amazonas. The information was confirmed by the State Department of Health (SES).

Graciliano is 68 years old and spent two months in hospital, but he was discharged from Covid-19 – Photo: Disclosure / SES

After spending two months in hospital with Covid-19, the elderly Graciliano Pereira dos Santos received a big party for recovering from the disease and being discharged at the Hospital Dr. Genésio Rêgo, in São Luís.

The celebration was attended by family members and the hospital’s medical team. At 68, Graciliano is retired and became known for his charisma with all health professionals.

At the age of 101, Regina Coelho Guiné won Covid-19 in Maranhão. – Photo: Julyane Galvão / Health Department of Maranhão (SES)

At 101 years old, the elderly Regina Coelho Guiné was one more from Maranhão who won Covid-19 in São Luís. The initial signs of infection by the disease, such as fever and indisposition, were perceived by one of the elderly woman’s children.

Dona Regina underwent a testing exam where the diagnosis was confirmed. After the treatment, the immune response was surprising and drew the attention of the elderly woman’s doctors and family, since she was recovering from surgery on the femur.

Luzia Angelita is 73 years old and thanked health professionals after being discharged from Covid-19 – Photo: Disclosure / HUUFMA

The patient was the second person with Covid-19 to be admitted to the hospital and was also the one who had been hospitalized the longest. According to HUUFMA, the treatment of the elderly woman required several efforts by the health team, in addition to the strength and overcoming of the patient to overcome the difficulties.

Flávia receives a hug after being discharged from Covid-19 at the University Hospital, in São Luís – Photo: Disclosure / HUUFMA

Flávia Cristina Abreu de Almeida, 49, was discharged with a big party at the University Hospital, in São Luís. She was hospitalized with Covid-19 for 34 days and left crying and thanking the health professionals.

The Maranhão woman was the last person admitted to one of the two Intensive Care Units (ICU) that HUUFMA maintained only for patients with Covid-19, and that was disabled.

After almost two months hospitalized, a 61-year-old patient beats coronavirus in Maranhão – Photo: Disclosure

After being hospitalized for a month and 22 days, the patient Celma Rodrigues, 61 years old, gained a new life after being discharged from Hospital Dr. Genésio Rêgo.

When she was admitted to the hospital, her lungs were 92% impaired. Altogether, she spent 31 days in an ICU bed and another 21 days in the infirmary until she won Covid-19.

To prevent the proliferation of the virus, the Ministry of Health recommends basic hygiene measures, such as washing your hands with soap and water, using a disposable tissue for nasal hygiene, covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze or cough and play it in the trash. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth without your hands being clean.


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