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Marathon of protests in Hong Kong to pressure the G-20 against the extradition law to China

With t-shirts and posters for the "Liberation of Hong Kong" and "Against the law of extradition to China," several hundred people are traveling on Wednesday the British excoloy to press the regime in Beijing before the summit of the G-20, which begins Friday in Japan. In this marathon of protests, the protesters visit 19 consulates, where they deliver a letter against the controversial extradition bill that has revolutionized the city.

After starting at the United States Consulate, where They asked for the mediation of President Trump In their planned meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, they marched towards those of the United Kingdom and the European Union. Especially symbolic was the delivery of the letter to the consulate of Canada, which has two citizens detained in China because they have been accused of "stealing state secrets" in the middle of a diplomatic conflict over the "Huawei case". As Canada arrested in December the daughter of its founder and financial vice president, Meng Wanzhou, claimed by the US. For allegedly violating sanctions against Iran, Beijing captured two citizens of that country, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

Demonstrators pass in front of the US Consulate in Hong Kong.
Demonstrators pass in front of the US Consulate in Hong Kong. / AFP

Divided into three groups, the protesters also visit the consulates of Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey and South Africa. But not the China Liaison Office, the institution that handles the Relations between Hong Kong and the authoritarian regime of Beijing.

«Hong Kong is too small for China! We need the help of international powers, like the United States! Please, help us! Hong Kong is experiencing a critical moment! "Shouted a woman at the head of the march under the spectacular skyscrapers and luxury shops of the Central District. At lunchtime, among the crowded sidewalks and overpasses of the heart of the island, the crowd made its way with sweaty T-shirts and posters among the legion of dressed office workers who came out of their offices and photographed them with their mobiles. "Jia you (Courage!)," Shouted some of them, arousing applause from the protesters.

"Being realistic, I do not think the G-20 does much for us, but we are forced to continue making noise because millions of people have taken to the streets and the local government still does not listen to us and does not cancel the extradition law," Calvin acknowledged. , university researcher of 30 years. Dressed in a black T-shirt with the caption "Hello, freedom," he carried with a friend a chalkboard where he said: "We are Hongkoneses. We have a dream: to live with dignity and without fear. No to the extradition law to China ».

But the demands are not limited only to this controversial project and to the complaints about police action during the protests on the 12th. They also extend to other broader requests, such as those of Thomas, who at the age of 18 is studying to be a teacher: "We have returned to the streets to carry out various actions and pressure the Government of China, with to allow Hong Kong to have universal suffrage in the future and people to democratically elect their head of local government, "he explained behind a mask and giving his first name only, as Most protesters avoid being identified for fear of reprisals.

Behind him, Anthony, a 28-year-old bank clerk, said he had to return to work after lunch, but would join the planned rally for tonight in the Central District. Until Monday, July 1, when another great march will tour the city for the 22nd anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China by the United Kingdom, there will be protests every day coinciding with the appointment of the G-20 in Osaka.

To avoid a failure like that of the 'Umbrella Revolt', which demanded full universal suffrage in 2014, the protesters have changed their tactics. Instead of occupying nerve centers in the city for months, they have adopted the strategy of a guerrilla and carry out "surprise mobilizations" Inspired by the philosophy of martial arts master Bruce Lee: «Be water» («Be water»). They closed the Hong Kong Central Police Station on Friday for 16 hours and have since surrounded several administrative buildings, such as the tax and immigration offices. For these days they are planning to besiege the Department of Justice, but everything could change because, precisely, surprise is the key to "Be water". With this song of war that they do not sing, but they receive with an emoticon in their mobiles, they want to return to take the streets of Hong Kong to put pressure on the G-20.

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