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In recent months the singer Marbelle It has been a trend in social networks, among other things, thanks to its participation in the program ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ Colombia, in which he was part of the group of 10 semifinalists.

This weekend the artist was in Medellin doing a presentation, as part of his national tour. And, in the middle of the show, he fell.

In their stories of Instagram, the singer confessed to her followers that, for the first time in her artistic career, she fell from the stage.

“Today, for the first time in my life, I fell on stage. A bear had never passed by. I didn’t hit hard and luckily I didn’t bend my foot, which was what I was afraid would happen. Fortunately everyone was very loving “, he confessed between laughs.

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Since leaving the cooking show, the artist has devoted herself to her music. In fact, last July he released his song ‘Cloudy Days’, whose video featured the participation of Juan Alfonso ‘El gato’ Baptista.

In fact, in recent days he said in an interview that his partner, the soccer player Sebastián Salazar, was not very happy with the romantic scenes in the clip.

“I kissed the ‘Cat’. Oh my god, they almost threw me out of the house “he confessed.

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