Marbelle talks about the criticism she receives for having a partner 16 years younger

Marbelle She is a well-known technocarrilera music singer, who has been in the eye of the hurricane for her constant statements against the current government and now for her controversial participation in the reality show ‘La Descarga’.And it is that their comments have reached such a point that users have made it a trend on social networks.

On this occasion and as a celebration of the 11 years of the program ‘La Red’, the artist was one of the special guests, to reveal unpublished details of her life and of course, talk a little about his role in the reality show.

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The topic that stood out the most throughout the interview is his relationship with the soccer player Sebastián Salazar, where Marbelle indicated that the first three years of their relationship were not easy, since they had to put up with bullying due to the age difference through social networks.

Currently, they have been dating for seven years in which the artist indicated: “I feel that my relationship with Sebastián, which was my reward a little for those experiences badly lived before. He is a person who has given me a lot of peace of mind, he has let me be and he has let me work”.

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Likewise, the interpreter of “Addicted to pain” said that in the midst of all the forecasts and bad comments she receives for her relationship, she is happy and in love. Without leaving aside, he did not rule out the possibility of going down the aisle with his partner, if he wants to.

Marbelle emphasized that it is for this reason that she does not usually reveal many details about her relationship, since she tries to protect her at all costs and even He does not share the moments that they usually enjoy together because of the criticism they receive. Sebastián Salazar is 27 years old and Marbelle is 42 years old.