Marc Anthony suffers an accident and suspends his concert in Panama | Showbiz 123

By: William Guzman P.

The concert that Marc Anthony had scheduled for this past Wednesday, May 4 at the Rommel Fernández Stadium in Panama City, was suspended due to an accident suffered by the singer of which they did not give further details.

Salsero fans who gathered at the venue enjoyed the prelude to the long-awaited presentation. And minutes before midnight on Thursday, May 5, the announcement was made.

Through the speakers in the stadium it was announced that the artist had suffered an accident, for which he was receiving medical assistance. It was added that Marc Anthony’s condition did not allow him to perform.

In social networks, the reactions of the fans varied between the annoyance of not being able to see Marc Anthony and the uncertainty of knowing what happened to the singer, who arrived in Panama with his girlfriend, the model Nadia Ferreira.

Marc Anthony’s concert in Panama will initially be held on February 23, however, due to the behavior of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was rescheduled for May 4.

Marc Anthony was flown to Miami for treatment / Getty

In a statement, the singer’s representatives explained what happened: “Marc Anthony had to postpone his concert in Panama last night due to an accident on some stairs when he was preparing to leave for said concert. The event caused complications in his back, which prevented him from performing live”.

According to Panamanian media, Marc Anthony “had to be treated by medical personnel.” The Despierta América program reported that the mishap would have occurred on some stairs and the singer suffered “back complications.”

Univision’s morning newspaper detailed that the interpreter “is being transferred to Miami.” Hours before the concert, the interpreter of “Vivir mi Vida” was very excited on the way to Panama, accompanied by his girlfriend, the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira