Marc van der Linden ended up in a coma after a fall | NOW

In July, royalty reporter Marc van der Linden (50) was hospitalized. Monday night he let in RTL Boulevard know that he fell into a coma after a fall in his house.

“I was found by my mother because she was worried,” says Van der Linden. “I had an infection in my leg. It’s called erysipelas. That kept coming back, that’s something I’ve been left with from losing weight. Such a condition can be very persistent. In addition, I fell so strangely that I was unconscious. and lay like that for about eight hours. “

After his mother found him, he was taken to hospital. “I fell into a coma pretty quickly and got blood poisoning,” said Van der Linden. “It was very difficult for my family, they were told that it was really bad for me.”

Once at home, the royalty reporter started doing many exercises to recover as quickly as possible, he says. “When I started to feel better, very little was done with the fact that my left leg was still paralyzed. That could be faster and I started practicing at home.”

Van der Linden has missed his job in recent months, he tells his colleagues RTL Boulevard, where he has been working as a royal family expert since 2003.


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