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Marcel Amont, Brassens, friends first, friends of that time.

Marcel AMONT. Singer.

To be published on May 15, 2019.

Behind the scenes of my life (Editions Flammarion).

"In this touching, funny and sincere testimony, Marcel Amont shares his life experience. What led him under the lights of the music hall, how he lived in the shadow of the spots, what he learned about existence. At the dawn of his 90th birthday. I have already told my life elsewhere, black and white, to tell the story of the adventures of an existence promised to the stability of a sailor of fresh water and become that of a corsair long-distance … This time, we waited for months beyond the simple framework of the narration, I withdraw from my life a substantive marrow worthy of interest and likely to be transmitted to the greatest number. Only a fresh look could help me accomplish this task. I found this fraternal look under my nose; that of my son Mathias! If we decided to write the pages of this work in the first person of the singular, they were constantly played with four hands. "

On France 3, that night (in 2011) the Béarnais had evoked his lasting friendship with Georges Brassens, who died 30 years ago. Among many other artists invited to furrow "the boulevard of time that passes", Marcel Amont returned to these years French songs. Brassens, who called him "the rider". Brassens who gave him, on the occasion, gift of a song "The hat of Mireille" (see below the sequence on the site of the INA).
At 82, Amont had an intact tone and a career marked by fantasy and talent to serve the popular public. From 1956, this amateur operetta and songs, had been noticed during a passage in the first part of Edith Piaf Olympia. In full Yéyé period, his "Mexican" (a text by Charles Aznavour) once again imposes its optimistic style that characterizes it. In 1962 he held the poster in Bobino for three months. He will have also tried his luck in the musical.
It is also remembered that in 1994 he wrote a reference book on the mystery of the writing of a song (published by Le Seuil) where he questioned many of his colleagues in the broad sense. To re-read without moderation. And that's what he reserves for readers of this blog ….


What songs, old or new, evoke God that you have heard and appreciated?

Marcel AMONT: the songs of Brassens.

Do you think God loves songs?

And why would he only love hymns?

In heaven what music do we hear?

Even variety since boredom was born of uniformity and, as is known, eternity is long ("especially towards the end" Woody Allen dixit).

What are the angels musicians singing?

Blue blue blue. Blue blue blue (from the title "Blue, white, blond", the first great success of Marcel Amont on words of Jean Dréjac).

If prayer was a song which one would you choose?

That of Françis Jammes, set to music by … Georges Brassens, of course.

What would you like to sing to God by meeting him?

Love makes time pass (he would then smile in his beard).

What are in your personal disco the songs that are your favorite. The ten songs to take on a desert island?

It has been guessed, all Brassens (or almost) and some sentimental populo refrains that loved mom and dad.

What is the chorus that has struck you the most?

There are too many to mention because they sang a lot at home. And we always sing there.

Who are the great authors, composers or performers who matter to you?

(If we talk about ditty songs)

Authors: guess who (see above) and also Alain Souchon and Maurice Vidalin.

Composers: Vincent Scotto, Roland Vincent, Jacques Datin, Michel Legrand, Paul Misraki, the Brazilians of the bossa nova.

Performers: Fantasists -Yves Montand, Georges Ulmer, Brothers Jacques, Bourvil, Companions of the song, Henri Salvador, Dany Kaye, Shirley Mac Laine. And also Piaf and Ray Charles.

The last time you were moved by listening to a song, which one was it?

A traditional lullaby Bearnaise with three voices.

If God was a song, what would it be?

"If you also abandon me".

The site:

To see: on the site of INA, "The hat of Mireille", Brassens-Amont.

The trailer of the show "Brassens is in us", broadcast on October 24, 2011 on France 3: -in-nous.html

To discover, on the site of RFI, "They sing Brassens". For all tastes:

On the site of the Hall of the Song, Brassens and the poets:

Note, Saturday, October 29 on RCF.

Robert Migliorini



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